Crankbrothers Sapphire Floor Pump
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Crankbrothers Sapphire Floor Pump

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Product description

Featuring a large, stable steel base and tube, the Crankbrothers Sapphire Floor Pump will inflate your bicycle tyres up to a mammoth 11 bar/160 psi. Constructed from aluminium, the pump cylinder is both durable and rust-resistant while the ergonomic handle and large analog gauge makes using the pump easy. The universal pump head is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves, and a hidden needle and plastic attachment within the handle allows you to pump balls, mattresses and other items.

Product details


  • Universal Presta /Schrader head
  • Large, stable steel base
  • Durable aluminum cylinder
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Analog gauge
  • Hidden needle and plastic attachment


  • Pressure: 11 bar/160 psi
  • Dimensions (height x width): 66 cm x 24 cm
  • Weight: 1436g


  • 1 x Crankbrothers Sapphire Floor Pump


  • 1.44 kg

Valve Type

  • Auto


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