Electric Bikes with mid-engine

Electric Bikes with mid-engine

An e-bike with a mid-motor is one of the most commonly sold assistance bikes and has numerous advantages for riders thanks to its central positioning of the mid-motor.

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    • Color: Moon Silver
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    • Color: Brick
    Bosch Performance Line, Shimano Nexus 5
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    • Color: Moon Silver
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    Bosch Performance Line, Shimano CUES U6000
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    • Color: Stealth
    Bosch Performance Line CX, Fox 38 Rhythm Grip
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  • Pedals done right

    Pedals done right

    • Color: Light Grey
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    • Color: Liquid Forest
    Bosch Performance Line CX, Fox 38 Performance Elite Grip2
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    • Color: Shadow Grey
    Shimano Deore M5100 11s, FAZUA RIDE 60 DRIVE UNIT
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    E-Bike finder

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    • Color: Eis am Steel
    Bosch Performance Line CX, FOX 34 AWL
    3.899 €
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    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: Minted Green
    2.999 €
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  • Neuron:ON CF 7
    • 750 Wh battery
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: Desert Adventure
    • Color: Sunrise Adventure
    Bosch Performance Line CX, RockShox Pike
    4.499 €
    or from 749,83 €/Mo.
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: Alpine Sea Adventure
    FOX 34 Float Performance GRIP, Bosch Performance Line CX
    5.049 €
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    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: Ivory
    2.999 €
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  • Torque:ON CF 8
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    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: Roost N' Dust
    Fox 38 Rhythm Grip, Shimano EP801
    From 5.399 €
    or from 899,83 €/Mo.
    • Color: Burned Sand
    RockShox ZEB R, Shimano EP600
    4.499 €
    or from 749,83 €/Mo.
  • Grand Canyon:ON 7
    • 750 Wh battery
    • Color: Pistachio
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: Azzurro
    Bosch Performance Line CX, Rockshox Judy Silver 29 120mm Boost
    2.999 €
    or from 499,83 €/Mo.
    • Color: Home Trail Safari
    Bosch Performance Line CX, Rockshox Pike Ultimate
    6.299 €
    or from 1.049,83 €/Mo.
  • Torque:ON CF 9
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    • Color: Stealth
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    Fox 38 Factory Grip2, Shimano EP801
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    Bosch Active Line Plus (Gen3), Shimano Deore M5100 11s
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    • Color: CFR Green
    FOX 36 Factory, Shimano EP801
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    • Color: Deep Space
    RockShox Lyrik Ultimate, Shimano EP801
    From 10.799 €
    or from 1.799,83 €/Mo.
  • Neuron:ON CF 7
    • 625 Wh battery
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: Desert Adventure
    • Color: Sunrise Adventure
    Bosch Performance Line CX, RockShox Pike
    4.349 €
    or from 724,83 €/Mo.
    • Color: Moon Silver
    • Color: Anchor Grey
    • Color: Champagne
    Bosch Active Line Plus (Gen3), Shimano Deore M5100 11s
    From 2.249 €
    or from 374,83 €/Mo.
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: Cool Glacier
    • Color: Washed Denim
    Shimano EP600, FOX 34 Rhythm Grip
    From 3.449 €
    or from 574,83 €/Mo.

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What is a mid-motor?

A mid-motor e-bike is the most common and widespread type of e-bike drive.

The central location of the motor is a key feature of the mid-motor e-bike. The motor is located above the bottom bracket, creating excellent balance and handling due to its low centre of gravity at the middle of the bike. The battery for the mid-motor is mounted either in or on the down tube.

What are the advantages of the mid-mounted motor on the e-bike?

A mid-mounted motor on an electric bike offers numerous advantages, especially when compared to the alternatives, such as the hub-motor or the front-motor.

  • An e-bike with a mid-motor has a very central and low centre of gravity providing even weight distribution. This results in excellent handling and balance.
  • With a mid-motor, you still have options for gear shifting technology with both classic derailleur gears and hub gears.
  • In a mid-motor e-bike, the motor and battery are usually very close together, which allows for simple and effective cable routing. Usually, the cables run completely inside the frame.
  • Due to the close proximity of the motor to the bottom bracket and the cranks, the mid-motor reacts more directly to pedal force, offering a faster response than hub or front motors.
  • Mid-mounted motors are used across all cycling disciplines, from city bikes to enduro mountain bikes.
  • The support of a mid-motor is direct and smooth at the same time.

E-bike mid-motor manufacturers and their top models

In recent years, a handful of manufacturers have made a name for themselves in the e-bike electric motor market, with their outstanding product quality. We install the following motors in our e-bikes:

  • Bosch Performance Line CX
  • Shimano Steps E8000
  • Shimano Steps EP8
  • Fazua Evation

Bosch mid-mounted motors

Developed in Germany, Bosch is one of the market leaders in e-bike technology with its mid-mounted motors. Individual motors are available for different areas of use, meaning that a suitable motor is matched perfectly for every type of riding. The Bosch Performance Line CX mid-range motor supports the rider both powerfully and dynamically, making it particularly suitable for e-mountain bikes and e-trekking bikes.

Shimano mid-mounted motors

Equally popular in the e-bike motor market is Shimano. With their E8000 and EP8 models, Shimano delivers powerful and durable mid-mounted motors for different bike categories. The Shimano Steps mid-motor is also one of the lightest e-bike motors on the market.

Fazua mid-mounted motors

The Fazua Evation mid-motor is placed lower down in the down tube of the e-bike beneath where the battery is located, allowing for a slimmer profile of the bottom bracket area. . In addition, the entire system - including the battery – weighs only 4.6 kilograms and delivers 55 Nm of power and 250 Wh of battery capacity.

How fast can an e-bike with a mid-motor go?

As with all electric bikes, an e-bike with a mid-motor provides electric assistance up to a speed of 25 km/h, to comply with current legislation. If you want to pedal faster than that, you’ll have to rely on your own muscle power.

What is the range of an e-bike with a mid-motor?

The maximum range of an e-bike or does not necessarily depend on the type of motor, but much more on the capacity of the battery. The battery capacity is specified in Wh / watt hours. So the higher this number, the further the range. Actual real world range is influenced by a multitude of factors; how hilly or flat the terrain, the ambient temperature, the level of electric support chosen by the rider, the fitness and weight of the rider, tread and tyre pressure, and prevailing winds, to name but a few.

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