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Rohloff Caliber 2 Chain Wear Indicator

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Product description

The Caliber 2 from Rohloff allows you to quickly and easily determine chain wear to protect your steel or aluminum sprockets and chainrings from excessive wear. Simply hook the Rohloff Caliber 2 into the chain. With a new chain, the measurement finger barely moves between the rollers. The greater the wear, the deeper the finger moves into the chain.

Product details


  • Easy to use tool to quickly determine chain wear
  • Hook the Rohloff Caliber 2 curved edge into the chain and let the pointed edge pivot to the chain
  • With new chains, the pointed edge barely sinks into the chain
  • The deeper the pointed edge sinks, the more wear on the chain
  • Made of hardened steel for durability


  • Material: Hardened Steel


  • 1 x Rohloff Caliber 2 Chain Wear Indicator


  • Steel


  • 45 g


  • Chain Size Compatibility: 1/2" x 3/32"
  • Suitable For: 7- / 8- / 9- / 10- / 11-speed derailleur chains


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