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Our extensive range of bicycle helmets covers every budget and ride style. Whatever the price point or technology on offer, all our bike helmets offer outstanding protection. Find the perfect fit for your riding adventures.

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  • Abus X Canyon Gamechanger 2.0 Road Cycling Helmet
    231.95 US$
  • Abus X Canyon Powerdome Road Cycling Helmet
    111.95 US$
  • Abus X Canyon Airbreaker Road Cycling Helmet
    231.95 US$
  • Lumos Ultra Cycling Helmet
    • Color: Black
    • Color: White
    92.95 US$
    • Color: White
    • Color: Black
    74.95 US$
  • Abus X Canyon Gamechanger TT Helmet
    • Color: White
    • Color: Black
    370.95 US$
  • Giro Artex MIPS Cycling Helmet
    129.95 US$
  • Giro Scamp Mips Kids Cycling Helmet
    60.95 US$
  • Giro Agilis Mips Road Cycling Helmet
    • New Stock
    • Color: Black
    • Color: White
    92.95 US$
  • Abus X Canyon Gamechanger Triathlon Helmet
    279.95 US$
  • Abus X Canyon Stormchaser Road Cycling Helmet
    • Color: Black
    • Color: Green
    • Color: White
    138.95 US$
  • Abus X Canyon Gamechanger Road Cycling Helmet
    • -30%
    From 129.95 US$
    185.95 US$
    Save up to 56 US$
  • Giro Radix MTB Helmet
    • Color: Grey
    • Color: Black
    92.95 US$

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Bike helmets

Are you on the hunt for a bicycle helmet that fits your biking needs? It's important to find one that not only looks great, but also provides optimal safety and ventilation. A good fit is key to achieving both of these goals. Did you know that there are different types of helmets depending on the type of bicycle you ride? From road bikes to mountain and gravel bikes each requires specific features to ensure your safety while cycling. At Canyon, we offer a variety of high-quality bike helmets for women and men so that you can find the perfect fit for your riding adventures.

What functions does a bicycle helmet fulfil?

The most important function of a bike helmet is to protect against head injuries in the event of a fall. The helmet must fit perfectly to achieve this. To maintain comfort while riding, the fit and good ventilation are crucial. Complete your cycling kit with a matching bicycle helmet.

What makes a good bike helmet?

Only a helmet with the BS EN 1078 safety standard protects you sufficiently against head injuriesin the event of a fall. To ensure the helmet provides full protection, close the chin strap. If adjusted correctly, you should be able to fit two fingers between the strap and your chin.

To ensure a perfect fit for your head circumference, some helmet models come with an adjustment dial at the back of the helmet. Adjust the bike helmet so that it sits securely on your head with the chin strap open. The inner padding is designed to prevent pressure points, making the helmet more comfortable to wear.

What is MIPS?

The abbreviation MIPS stands for "Multi-Directional Impact Protection System". With an additional, movable inner layer, MIPS protects the head against rotational forces in the event of a fall. Those forces are particularly damaging to the brain upon impact. MIPS bicycle helmets significantly reduce the risk of concussion.

Which helmet is right for which bike?

The following factors are important for a bicycle helmet depending on its intended use:

  • City bikes and touring bikes: The helmet must fit well and be easy to handle. Good ventilation is important to avoid arriving at the office sweaty. Bicycle helmets with built-in lights increase visibility.
  • Road bikes: Lightweight, good ventilation, and high safety are important on a road bike or gravel bike. Many road bike helmets are aerodynamically optimised to make you faster.
  • Mountain bikes: MTB helmets have a large protective surface area. They provide greater neck protection and keep the eye area clear with a visor. Cross-country helmets should be lightweight and well-ventilated. Full-face helmets are common for downhill riding. A robust helmet is essential for E-MTBs, regardless of whether you ride singletracks or gravel path
  • E-bikes: When riding an e-bike at higher speeds, it's important to have adequate protection. Luckily, there are bicycle helmets specially designed for e-bikers that offer both cushioning and a secure fit. If you're in the market for an e-bike helmet, MIPS helmets are a great option to consider.

Buy bicycle helmets online at Canyon

Measure your head circumference before ordering a helmet online. To do this, place a tape measure just above your ears and across the middle of your forehead around your head. This will help you find the right helmet size for your new, comfortable bicycle helmet. The advantage of buying online is the tailored selection based on your intended use. Whether for women or men, road or trail, Canyon offers high-quality bicycle helmets for every need.

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