Your workout shouldn’t have to end when the pavement does. Be it exploring the gravel paths of your local park or finding that off-road shortcut on your way into town, the Pathlite AL SL has your back. A robust aluminium frame, 40 mm gravel tyres and 75 mm of suspension all come together to keep you comfortable over any terrain, while a modern geometry and our integrated cockpit provide agile handling for fun and reliable riding. Head off the beaten track and Ride Your Workout.

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With our tried and trusted female-specific geometries, ergonomic contact points and carefully considered component choices, our WMN Pathlite models are built to offer women superior riding performance.

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Pathlite SL

Pathlite SL Family
Pathlite SL 8.0

Pathlite SL 8.0 NEW


Pathlite WMN SL 8.0

Pathlite WMN SL 8.0 NEW


Pathlite SL 7.0

Pathlite SL 7.0 NEW


Pathlite WMN SL 7.0

Pathlite WMN SL 7.0 NEW


Pathlite 6.0

Pathlite 6.0 NEW


Pathlite WMN 6.0

Pathlite WMN 6.0 NEW


Pathlite WMN 5.0

Pathlite WMN 5.0 NEW


Pathlite 5.0

Pathlite 5.0 NEW


Pathlite WMN 4.0

Pathlite WMN 4.0 NEW


Pathlite 4.0

Pathlite 4.0 NEW


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