Canyon Shimano D01S Organic Disc Brake Pads
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Shimano D01S Organic Disc Brake Pads

129,00 NOK
129,00 NOK

Product description

These replacement brake pads for Shimano Saint and Zee brakes provide the ultimate braking performance. The D01S brake pads offer reduced noise in wet or dry conditions. The combination of synthetic resin and a steel support plate ensures optimum heat insulation, low noise and durability.

Product details


  • Less noise than metal pads
  • High braking performance in dry or wet conditions
  • High durability


  • Brake Pad Material: Organic (synthetic resin)
  • Carrier Plate: Steel
  • Group: Saint, ZEE
  • Modulation: High


  • BR-M820, BR-M810, BR-M640


  • 1 x Pair Shimano D01S Resin Brake Pads
  • Spring & Retaining Pin

Brake Pad Material

  • Resin/Organic


  • 30 g


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