The Roadlite combines performance attributes from our road range with features designed to take rider comfort and control to the next level. Flat bars and road bike speed make for a fitness bike that won’t hold you back. For those on the lookout for efficiency and fun on the bike, our broad range of superlight carbon and sleek aluminium models has you covered.

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Roadlite CF

For demanding workout enthusiasts who seek top performance without compromising practicality, we created the new flagship in our Fitness range: the Roadlite CF. Thanks to a 990 g full-carbon frame, the Roadlite CF is not only superlight, it's also supremely comfortable. We took established features from our top-line road models, such as the internal seat clamp for a plush rear end, and combined them with new innovations like the stunning and ergonomic integrated CP04 Fitness Cockpit to create a package that goes and feels like nothing else out there. Fast. Smooth. A blast every time you ride.


Roadlite SL

The bike is back. Make the empty side streets and park paths of the world your new gym with the Roadlite AL SL. Integrating the performance features from our famous road bike range into a sleek and straightforward aluminium package, these all-new fitness models put the focus on fun. Disc brakes and 30 mm tires provide superior control and the innovative VCLS seatpost improves comfort. Feel good. Look good doing it. Ride Your Workout.


Roadlite AL

The Roadlite AL is where all the fun begins in the Canyon Fitness lineup. Here's a bike you can go fast on without having to commit to a full road setup. Take it as it is, and it's the perfect partner for rides long or short along backroads and bike paths. Stick mudguards and a rack on it and it transforms into a rapid commuting machine for all conditions. Reliable road components keep the weight down low for efficient performance, while ergonomic contact points deliver a smooth and comfortable ride every time you head out. Go get started.



Fitness Family
Roadlite CF 9.0 LTD

Roadlite CF 9.0 LTD NEW


Roadlite CF 9.0

Roadlite CF 9.0 NEW


Roadlite CF 8.0

Roadlite CF 8.0 NEW


Roadlite WMN CF 8.0

Roadlite WMN CF 8.0 NEW


Roadlite WMN CF 7.0

Roadlite WMN CF 7.0 NEW


Roadlite CF 7.0

Roadlite CF 7.0 NEW


Roadlite SL 8.0

Roadlite SL 8.0 NEW


Roadlite WMN SL 8.0

Roadlite WMN SL 8.0 NEW


Roadlite WMN CF 8.0

Roadlite WMN CF 8.0




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