Canyon Hebie eFix 40 Bike Stand
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Hebie eFix 40 Bike Stand

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Hebie eFix 40 Bike Stand

Product description

During long adventure rides we sometimes want a moment away from the bike, whether taking a photograph of the scenery or sitting down with friends. Made from a durable steel and able to support up to 25kg, the Hebie eFIX 40 Bike Stand fits seamlessly onto our Grand Canyon:ON and Pathlite:ON bikes, attaching via the supplied screws directly to the chaninstay. The eFIX 40 is self-folding, extending into the standing position when the bike is stationary and springing back into place as soon as you begin riding.

Product details


  • Support up to 25kg
  • Attaching via screws directly to the chainstay
  • Self-folding


  • Grand Canyon:ON
  • Pathlite:ON


  • 1 x Hebie eFIX 40 Bike Stand


  • 390 g


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