The Canyon Sponsoring Program

To understand Canyon’s commitment to racing, you have to go back to where it all started. 30 years ago, Canyon Founder & CEO, Roman Arnold, was a prolific campaigner on the local road and track racing scenes. In the hours after school, Roman would put himself to work in his parents’ garage building up and selling frames and parts his father sourced from trips to Italian component manufacturers. This is how Roman financed his passion for racing. This is how Canyon was born.

As riders, we understand the commitment it takes to go racing week in, week out. Putting in the hard work in training is one thing, but the costs of equipment, travel, entry and license fees also add up. To make it all a little easier, we created the Canyon Sponsoring Program, offering a selection of our most popular mountain bike and road racing machines at reduced prices to all riders in possession of a valid racing license.

The following table shows all the models that are available through our Sponsoring Program:

model / MTB: sponsoring price
Strive CF 9.0 Team NZ$7,899 ( NZ$8,699 )
Strive AL 6.0 NZ$4,099 ( NZ$4,399 )
Strive CF 8.0 NZ$5,699 ( NZ$6,299 )
Exceed CF SLX 29 Frameset NZ$2,699 ( NZ$2,799 )
Exceed CF SLX 8.0 Pro Race NZ$5,499 ( NZ$6,299 )
Exceed CF SL 6.0 Pro Race NZ$3,099 ( NZ$3,599 )
Exceed CF SL 7.0 Pro Race NZ$4,199 ( NZ$4,799 )
Exceed CF SL 7.0 Di2 NZ$4,599 ( NZ$5,399 )
Lux CF 7.0 Pro Race NZ$4,299 ( NZ$4,799 )
Lux CF 8.0 Race NZ$5,099 ( NZ$5,599 )
Lux CF 9.0 Pro Race NZ$6,499 ( NZ$7,599 )
Lux CF Frameset NZ$2,999 ( NZ$3,199 )
model / Road: sponsoring price
Ultimate AL SLX 8.0 Aero NZ$3,799 ( NZ$4,099 )
Ultimate CF SL 8.0 NZ$3,199 ( NZ$3,499 )
Ultimate WMN CF SL 8.0 NZ$3,199 ( NZ$3,499 )
Ultimate WMN CF SLX Disc 8.0 Di2 NZ$6,399 ( NZ$6,999 )
Ultimate CF SLX Disc Frameset Electric NZ$3,699 ( NZ$4,099 )
Aeroad CF SLX 8.0 Di2 NZ$6,399 ( NZ$7,199 )
Aeroad CF SLX 9.0 NZ$6,999 ( NZ$7,899 )
Aeroad CF SLX Disc 8.0 Di2 NZ$6,999 ( NZ$7,899 )
Aeroad CF SLX Disc Frameset Electric NZ$3,899 ( NZ$4,399 )
Aeroad CF SLX Disc Frameset Mechanical NZ$3,899 ( NZ$4,399 )
Inflite AL SLX 8.0 Pro Race NZ$2,649 * ( NZ$2,899 )
Inflite CF SLX 9.0 Pro Race NZ$5,649 * ( NZ$6,299 )
Inflite CF SLX 8.0 Pro Race NZ$4,099 * ( NZ$4,499 )
Ultimate CF SLX Disc Frameset Mechanical NZ$3,699 ( NZ$4,099 )
Ultimate CF SLX Frameset Mechanical NZ$3,599 ( NZ$3,899 )
Ultimate CF SLX Frameset Electric NZ$3,599 ( NZ$3,899 )
Aeroad CF SLX Frameset Electric NZ$3,799 ( NZ$4,249 )
Aeroad CF SLX Frameset Mechanical NZ$3,799 ( NZ$4,199 )
Ultimate AL SLX Frameset Mechanical NZ$999 ( NZ$1,299 )

* Sponsoring Highlight:

Buy two Inflite AL SLX 8.0 Pro Race / CF SLX 8.0 Pro Race / CF SLX 9.0 Pro Race and get an even higher discount! The only condition: Both bikes must be ordered simultaneously with the same specification, colour and frame size. For further information please contact our Service Center.


  • Proof of a valid UCI racing license complete with UCI number, or ITU racing license.
  • Limited to one frameset or bike per person and per year (excluding Inflite offer).

How to order:

  • Select the frameset or bike in your size.
  • When ordering, select the Sponsoring discount option in the checkout.
  • Please send either a copy of your valid racing license with proof of your order number or your five most recent race results to:
  • The discount will then be applied when you receive your Order Confirmation from us.