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Introducing the Roadlite:ON

Pairing E-Bike power with the smooth, sporty feel of a fitness bike, the Roadlite:ON takes you longer, higher and quicker than ever. It’s cycling, faster.

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Roadlite:ON Lightweight


The Roadlite:ON is one of the lightest bikes in its class, tipping the scales at only 15 kg.

It handles like a normal bike and climbs like you on a very good day.

The reduced weight also makes carrying the bike upstairs easy.

Roadlite:ON Zero Drag

Zero drag

The Roadlite:ON will keep you cruising at a steady 25 kph.

However, you’ll find there’s no drag in the system if you exceed this speed.

BIKE BILD Magazine

Canyon’s new Roadlite:ON is a cleverly designed and thought-through e-bike.

Roadlite:ON Clean Look

Clean look

The compact Fazua Evation motor is perfectly integrated into the down tube.

At first glance, you can barely tell it’s an E-Bike.

Roadlite:ON 2 bikes in 1

2 bikes in 1

You can also ride the Roadlite:ON without the drive system.

Just remove the motor and battery, and fit the Fazua down tube cover (available separately). You save 2.9 kg, and you can store tools and food inside the cover.

Without the battery, the motor disengages entirely, so there's no extra resistance when you pedal.

Roadlite:ON Consistent feel

Consistent feel on all sizes

For consistent handling across the whole size range, bikes in XS have 650b wheels to ensure you get a bike that fits, no matter your height.

This means riders of all sizes get the same excellent performance and crisp riding experience.