Canyon Bike Stand
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Canyon Bike Stand

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Canyon Bike Stand Note
Not compatible with:
Commuter, Pathlite and Neuron CF platforms
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon:ON / Spectral:ON / Neuron:ON

Product description

The Canyon Bike Stand offers a simple and sturdy solution to storing your bike, made from solid steel for durability and rubber coated-tips to protect your wheels. The Canyon Bike Stand is also ideal for at home bike maintenance and is available in two sizes, one for 26, 27.5 and 28-inch wheels, and one for bigger, 29-inch wheels.

Product details


  • Made from solid steel for durability
  • Rubber-coated tips protect your bike
  • Lasered Canyon logos
  • Available in two sizes


  • Please select the correct bike stand depending on your wheel size
  • Two options are available for your Canyon bike: 26"/27.5"/28" or 29"
  • Not comptible with:
  • Grand Canyon, Commuter, Pathlite and Neuron CF platforms
  • Grand Canyon:ON / Spectral:ON / Neuron:ON


  • 1 x Canyon Bike Stand


  • 2.15 kg


  • Steel


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