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Pack all your gear and go deep off-grid. True freedom. True independence.

Canyon Grail


Drop-bar efficiency. Relaxed, stable geometry. Cover big distance in comfort.
Bikepacking // Explore

Ride fast, ride far

Canyon Grail
Canyon Exceed


Superlight mountain bike with suspension fork. Built for the steep and rough.
Bikepacking // Mountain

Nowhere's too steep

Canyon Exceed
Bikepacking // Mountain

Exceed WMN

With a superlight carbon frame and rugged mountain bike components, this bike's fast and capable on trickier, steeper terrain.

Wide-range mountain bike gearing lets you ride extreme climbs.

Women's-specific saddle and handlebar setups.

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Canyon Dude


With ultra-wide tyres, explore on extreme terrain like sand, snow, and swamp.
Bikepacking // All-terrain

Ride any terrain

Canyon Dude
Bikepacking // All-terrain


Huge 4.8-inch thick tyres roll over any surface: including snow and sand.

Choose between suspension and rigid fork designs.

Adjustable dropouts let you switch between wheels depending on terrain.

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Gravel Bikepacking Gear

Gear up for bikepacking

Pack light, travel far with frame mounted bags and kit designed to keep you cool, warm and dry as your bikepacking adventure unfolds.
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