Most Wanted Winners 2016

17/06/2016, CANYON Bike Radar's 2016 Most Wanted awards

Tarmac or trails, we're your Most Wanted!

Canyon was born from a desire to create bikes that we could be proud of – bikes that riders love. Tarmac or trails, our goal is to make every rider's dream machine a reality.  

Knowing we are on the right track is important. Where do we go to get the best feedback? We look to you. Bike Radar asked the global riding community for their Most Wanted bikes of 2016, pitting a range of the latest tech against each other. The votes have been counted and we are proud to share the results:

Most Wanted Aero Road Bike: Aeroad CF SLX

Most Wanted Race Bike: Ultimate CF SLX

Most Wanted Enduro Bike: Strive CF  

Thanks to everyone for voting!