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Riding is for everyone. Our goal when we first launched the Canyon Fitness range was to bring our award-winning performance to more riders, but above all, we wanted to put the focus back where it belongs: on having fun on the bike. Whether you’re cruising effortlessly over pavement on the Roadlite or exploring what’s off the beaten track with the Pathlite, all of our Fitness models apply proven Canyon technologies for performance that simply works. Efficient, effective and fun, this is exactly how riding should be. You don’t need that gym membership anymore. Ride Your Workout.

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Good for body, good for soul, our diverse range of women's Fitness bikes open up new doors when it comes to leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Working out doesn't have to be a chore, every Roadlite and Pathlite model is fast, fun and comfortable. We've adapted the fit and component spec of these bikes to perfectly suit the female form in the areas that count the most. Hitting the pavement on the Roadlite or heading off-grid with the Pathlite, make the transition to Ride Your Workout.

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reddot award 2017 winner

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