A bike is always an investment for the personal independency. You are always flexible and avoid traffic and waiting periods. The price of mobility and freedom is sadly accompanied by a risk: Bicycle theft is not avoidable in the criminal statistics. Per year, over 300,000 bikes are stolen - The tendency is rising, and the "dark numbers" are much higher. The household insurance is only limited. Usually it only helps, when bikes are taken from closed rooms, such as the basement, apartment, or garage. In addition, the coverage is only nights from 8pm until 6am.

The hotspots for theft are however public places. The bikes are sometimes stolen there, despite the best security measures and expensive locks. Sometimes the robbers are after particular pieces and remove the handlebars or seat. Vandalism and sabotage also belong to the biggest dangers for bikes.

Since the protection of our two-wheelers is important to us, we work together with Schutzklick/Simplesurance out of Berlin. Simplesurance has noticed this problem and offers a special bicycle insurance that protects our bikes during any situation or time of day ion our normal day to day activities. The Bicycle Insurance Certificate offers all round protection, and a quick repair during a claim. Everything is simple and digital, from taking out your policy, to reporting a claim. How you can click your Canyon bike to safety, you can find out here.

Easy completion

Free customer service

Protection from robbery and theft

Europe-wide protection

Why is the bicycle insurance from Simplesurance worth it?

Schutzklick is a trademark of Simplesurance and enables the simple conclusion of insurance policies. They handle everything digitally, from taking out insurance to support and claims processing. For you, it means you don't have to deal with unnecessary paperwork or incomprehensible insurance conditions. You can report damage online around the clock. If you have any questions, our customer service is available daily from 9:00-19:00.

Schutzklick gives great importance to transparency: your contract expires automatically after one year. You only pay once and you're insured.

What damage does the Simplesurence Bicycle Insurance cover?

Bikes are not completely covered through the home insurance for the day to day activities. Aside from theft, the bicycle insurance from Simplesurance also covers breaking & entering, and robbery, as well as several other damages. It even covers the repair. The insurance protection covers damages for falls, accidents, usage errors, as well as wear & tear and vandalism. The complete protection is covered in all European countries, so that you can travel with your bike without worries.

What you should also keep in mind, in order to protect your bike?

Often it is underestimated, how important a good lock is. Often, this can protect your bike from robbers, since they usually only have a few seconds time to complete the theft. The more complex and stable the lock, the more unattractive the bike for the robber. For this reason, it is a good investment, to get a good lock to protect your bike. A good loch is decisive for the insurance benefits, since it is priority that you protect your device to the best of your knowledge and ability.

This is how you protect your Canyon bike


Choose your favorite Canyon bike over canyon.com


Pay for your bike using your preferred payment method.


You want to ride safe? After your completed order, add your bicycle insurance from Simplesurance.


You will receive a separate email from Simplesurance with an invoice for your insurance.


After you have paid your invoice, Simplesurance will send you your certificate, along with all other relevant information via email. Your bike is now completely protected! Should it come to claim, you can easily report this over schutzklick.de/claims.


You have questions to SIMPLESURANCE and the insurance arrangements? Over the website SCHUTZKLICK, you can find detailed information and the contact partner.