Canyon Thule Carbon Frame Protector
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Thule Carbon Frame Protector

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Thule Carbon Frame Protector
Thule Carbon Frame Protector

Thule Carbon Frame Protector As cyclists, we spend much of our time on the bike, so bike transportation can be a nerve-wracking process. The Thule carbon frame protector is an adapator, which ensures the safe transport of carbon framed bicycles and enables the even distribution of pressure across the frame, therefore minimising damage. With its soft TPE rubber liner material, the Thule carbon frame protector protects paintwork and is compatible with all frame geometries.

Product details


  • Fixation area pressure distribute evenly over a large surface to minimise frame damage
  • Soft TPE rubber protects paintwork
  • Fits all frame geometries


  • 1 x Thule Carbon Frame Protector 984 Adapter


  • 70 g


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