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Ride more trails, explore new terrain, and redefine what you thought was possible – with our E-Mountain bikes, you can spend longer in the saddle, and discover a whole new riding experience.


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With their electric drivetrains, E-Mountain bikes give you extra power as you pedal, up to 25 km/h. Their wide tyres will keep you confident and in control throughout your ride and the bikes vary in their geometry and travel, depending on their intended use.

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Awards // E-Bikes


When the German Mountainbike-Magazin announced the Spectral:ON as the winner of its head-to-head test, the judging panel gave their seal of approval: “With the Spectral:ON, Canyon proved their expertise in creating incredibly fun trail bikes. With a plush suspension setup, agile – and almost aggressive – geometry, and lots of smart details, it goes straight to number one.” (Mountainbike Magazin)

“Canyon’s first ever E-Mountain bike makes a strong statement with its agile handling and top climbing and descending capabilities” (Bikesport E-MTB Magazine)

  • German Design Award Winner
  • Mountainbike Magazin, Test winner, 10/18
  • Bikesport E-MTB Magazine, All-round Tip, 03/2018

It’s still pure cycling

Whether you’re a serious trail tamer or prefer a more relaxed ride out in the mountains – the current generation of E-Mountain bikes provide a whole new riding experience. The usual prejudices – that E-Bikes are only for older or less serious riders – haven’t been true for a long time. To move, you still have to pedal: the bike’s electric drivetrain just gives you extra power. This opens up all kinds of new opportunities: fly up the steepest climbs, run laps on your favourite trails all day long, and spend more time than ever on the bike.

Canyon Ebikes

Must-haves for E-Bikes

    • white
    • blue
    • marine blue
    • blue/yellow
    • black