Apr 22, 2021 Canyon.com
Apr 22, 2021 Canyon.com

5 MTB trails in Italy for e-bikes

Our special suggestions on trails you need to ride with your e-MTB! Explore Italian Alps, Dolomites and volcanos with your e-bike: hardtail or fully.

5 MTB trails in Italy for e-bikes Canyon Spectral

E-bikes open up new mountain biking experiences and give every rider the opportunity to ride more challenging trails. In recent years e-bikes have become increasingly popular, they are now available in many versions suitable for each discipline of cycling. Electric mountain bikes allow you to reach mountain peaks in the saddle, to tour the Alps and the Dolomites and to tackle challenging enduro trails without the need to rely on shuttle services or lifts.

Get inspired by the favourite rides of our Canyon Italia Crew, Canyon athlete Ines Thoma, CLLCTV member Andrea Maranelli and our Sicilian friends MTB Workshop.
These classic MTB trails are perfect for e-bikes: with an E-MTB you'll be able to tackle these elevation gains more easily and make the most of the time you have available.

Cresta della Reit - Bormio Valtellina Cresta della Reit - Bormio Valtellina

Pedemontana della Reit Tour

Start point: Bormio (SO)
End point: Bormio (SO)
Distance: 32 km
Elevation gain: 1,160 m
Ride Style: Alpine Adventure
Recommended bikes: Neuron:ON / Spectral:ON
Difficulty: 🔋🔋
Great Place to Eat: Rifugio Campo and Rifugio La Baita Val Zebrù

The Pedemontana della Reit tour starts from Bormio, in Valtellina, and winds through the Stelvio National Park.
The route begins close to the Bagni Nuovi spa and starts on a wide dirt forest track that can be easily tackle with a low level of assistance, you better keep some energy for the next climbs! It is possible to make a small detour and visit the characteristic Gesa Rota (Chiesa Rotta): there you will enjoy an amazing view on Bormio. After a few kilometers, the route becomes a singletrack that scrambles up a magnificent larch forest. Leaving the forest behind, you reach a plain where the Cresta della Reit stands out, an imposing limestone and dolomite rock wall with a jagged profile. It’s time for some steep and technical ascents, just set the Boost assistance mode of the EP8 drive system to easily climb even these ramps with your Neuron:ON.
It is possible to extend the route and explore the Val Zebrù, a valley of glacial origin that can only be reached by foot or by MTB on a road built during the First World War. Here you can enjoy a typical Valtellina meal in one of the alpine lodges, surrounded by the unspoiled nature of the Stelvio. Turn back on the same road to rejoin the route. The tour ends in the city centre of Bormio.
This day trip is suitable for everyone: you can find more information on the Valtellina Outdoor website.

This tour is recommended by Alessandra, Customer Service Agent at Canyon Italia:

Experience the alpine safari: deer, chamois, foxes and stoats in their natural habitat. Surrounded by woods and incredible mountains you will feel cradled by nature.

Alessandra - Canyon Italia
Bear Trails - Dolomiti Paganella Bike Bear Trails - Dolomiti Paganella Bike

Bear Trails

Start point: Molveno (TN)
End point: Andalo (TN)
Distance: 59.7 km
Elevation gain: 1,000 m
Ride Style: Enduro Flow / Downhill
Recommended bikes: Spectral:ON / Torque:ON
Difficulty: 🔋🔋🔋
Great Place to Eat: Rifugio La Roda

In Trentino, between Mount Paganella overlooking the Adige Valley and the spectacular Brenta Dolomites, lies the Paganella plateau. The area is served by many sports facilities that connect the three main centers, Molveno, with its beautiful lake, Andalo and Fai della Paganella. Here you will find a mountain biking paradise that offers Flow, All Mountain and Enduro trails. The park is well known by many riders with their enduro and downhill bikes. In the last year, since e-bikes are getting more popular, is not uncommon to find these models on the path: all the area is well served by charging stations. The new Canyon E-MTBs cover all mountain biking ride styles: the Torque:ON is the perfect match to have fun on the Bear Trails, the Dolomiti Paganella Bike trails dedicated to enduro.
The tour touches all the towns reaching the maximum altitude of 2.125m in Cima Paganella. Thanks to the ski lifts you can ride over 4000 meters of downhill, just about 1000 of uphill and a total of 59km. You can also split the tour since many of the lifts connect different trails. With your e-bike, you can also skip the lifts and ride to the top.

Enduro tour suitable only for expert riders. Find all the information on the costs of the ski lift, park openings and maps on the official website of Dolomiti Paganella Bike.

This tour is recommended by Pietro, Customer Service Agent and Content Editor at Canyon Italia:

If you are looking for really epic trails, breathtaking views and wild nature, you should definitely try the Bear Trails!

Pietro - Canyon Italia
Torricelle Verona - Torque:ON Torricelle Verona - Torque:ON // Photo: Enrico Andreis

Torricelle Verona

Start point: Borgo Venezia, Verona (VR)
End point: Borgo Venezia, Verona (VR)
Distance: 18.8 km
Elevation gain: 430 m
Ride Style: Enduro Spin
Recommended bikes: Spectral:ON / Neuron:ON
Difficulty: 🔋
Great Place to Eat: La Baita Bierhaus

When CLLCTV ambassador Andrea Maranelli came to visit us at Canyon Italia's headquarters, he tested out the classic lunch-break ride of the enduro riders in our crew: the Torricelle. Perhaps this route is not as spectacular in terms of scenery as the others, but its proximity to the historic center of Verona encourages us to recommend it should you be in the area.
Andrea had fun around the office with the new Spectral:ON and Torque:ON equipped with Shimano EP8 motor. With the right bike and some amazing skills, every terrain becomes the perfect playground! Today, we show you a version of the tour that includes a fast and not too technical descent with arrival in Grezzana. Obviously if you have more time, we suggest you to go a little further and have fun on the Americani or explore the many enduro trails in the surroundings of Lugo. The start point is in Borgo Venezia, where you immediately take Torricelle street. After a few kilometres, you'll reach the first steep climb in Poiano. You cross the Valpantena and arrive in Grezzana, where you will take the Chernobyl downhill section. It's a short but very fun descent, a fast singletrack in the woods not too technical, flowy and with lots of tight turns. From here the route is all downhill, except for a few short climbs near Quinto. The itinerary goes back to Poiano and reconnects to Borgo Venezia through Biondella street.

Route recommended for all the mountain bikers out there, tested and approved by our crew! This tour is recommended by Alessandro, Customer Service Agent at Canyon Italia.

Here's what our CLLCTV ambassador Andrea Maranelli has to say about Canyon E-MTBs:

The Torque:ON gives me the confidence of an enduro motorcycle, both uphill and downhill, but maintains the handling of a standard bike. The Spectral:ON amplifies the fun, allowing me to do tricks even uphill, on any gradient and terrain. I couldn't ask for anything better!

Andrea Maranelli - Canyon CLLCTV
Piombino Enduro - Ines Thoma // Photo: Max Schumann Piombino Enduro - Ines Thoma // Photo: Max Schumann

Piombino Enduro

Start point: Populonia, Piombino (LI)
End point: Populonia, Piombino (LI)
Distance: 40 km
Elevation gain: 1,000 m
Ride Style: From Mountains to Sea
Recommended bike: Spectral:ON
Difficulty: 🔋🔋
Great Place to Eat:: Osteria Mamma Carla

This tour touches some highlight trails between Populonia and Piombino. Straight lines and boredom are unknown words for trail builder Matteo. Some challenging and steep climbs come almost faster than you can shift gears, and you get to rest only briefly when suddenly the trail drops directly onto the rocky beach of a small bay. You then pedal for a few kilometres along the coast to reach the old town of Piombino, where you can have a good lunch break with typical Italian food.
The forest area is crisscrossed by many fun bike trails, you can find one for every ride style and for rider of any level. The tour can therefore be extended as desired. The loop can also be shortened as needed: the old gravel road from Piombino to Populonia is usually the fastest and always the easiest way. Moreover, Tuscany-Bike offers bike shuttles and tours on the trails.

A tour that worth a visit in every season of the year; special feature are the breathtaking views on the sea and fun uphill/downhill sections where you will enjoy the time with your e-MTB.

This tour is recommended by Ines Thoma, athlete of the Canyon Factory Enduro Team:

On this tour you will go with the flow of its trails, which feature many carefully constructed sections and some surprises...

Ines Thoma - Canyon Factory Enduro Team
Altomontana Etna - Sicilia Altomontana Etna - Sicilia

Altomontana Etna

Start point: Rifugio Sapienza, Nicolosi (CT)
End point: Rifugio Sapienza, Nicolosi (CT)
Distance: 59.6 km
Elevation gain: 2,080 m
Ride Style: Volcano Trekking
Recommended bike: Grand Canyon:ON
Difficulty: 🔋🔋
Great Place to Eat: Rifugio Sapienza

Mount Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe and still offers breathtaking and spectacular images, such as those of recent eruptions. If you are in this part of Sicily, you cannot miss the opportunity to ride around Mount Etna with your bike. The Pista Altomontana is an open-loop itinerary with departure from Rifugio Sapienza at an altitude of 2,000 meters. If you want to ride it in its entirety, you can opt for an E-MTB and face the uphill sections more easily. The trail can be tackled with any type of MTB, even hardtail: the Grand Canyon:ON is the right bike for this route.
The track remains at high altitude going around different slopes of the volcano. It is therefore a very scenic route, offers wide views that extend to Catania and the sea. It crosses several huts, ideal to take a break and rest. The trail is always well marked and very wide, so it is easy to follow. Riding your e-bike you will cross different scenarios and get an incredible glimpse of the nature and biodiversity of this park. You will cross a lava desert, a magnificent beech forest, see ancient and more recent lava flows (such as the impressive 2002 flow) and also past and now inactive craters.

The best seasons to do this tour are spring, summer or fall. For more information on this and other bike routes in this area of Sicily, get inspired by the adventures of MTB Workshop, “The Volcanic MTB reference”.

This tour is recommended by Filippo, Web Content Manager of MTB Workshop:

A very scenic loop trail, you get to go almost completely around Etna. Rich in iridescent landscapes and allows you to always stay at an altitude of 2000m.

Filippo - MTB Workshop

E-MTB are for any ridestyle e rider

These are the routes recommended by our team, athletes and collaborators, but you can find many others beautiful trails all around Italy.

Share your favourite with us on your social using the hashtag #MyCanyon.


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