Canyon FIX CO₂ Inflator
Canyon FIX CO₂ Inflator
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Canyon FIX CO₂ Inflator

10.95 US$
10.95 US$
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Canyon FIX CO₂ Inflator
Canyon FIX CO₂ Inflator

Canyon FIX CO₂ Inflator Clean design, functionality and a compact size- the Canyon FIX Co2 Inflator is a ride essential no cyclist should be without. This anodised press-on inflator contains stainless steel internals, attaches to Co2 cartridges and quickly inflates tyres to ensure you are back on the bike in no time. Weighing just 18g and with a length of 45mm x 16mm, the FIX inflator is lightweight and unobtrusive, fitting discreetly in a jersey pocket or saddle bag.

Product details


  • Anodised press-on inflator with stainless steel internals
  • Weight- 18g, Dimensions 45 x 16mm
  • Fits easily into pockets or saddle bags
  • Should be used wearing gloves, no contact on skin
  • Co2 cartridges not included


  • ATTENTION: Be sure to wear gloves when using the CO2 mini pump!


  • 1 x Canyon FIX CO₂ Inflator


  • 18 g


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