Park Tool TR-1 Repair Kit
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Park Tool TR-1 Repair Kit

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Park Tool TR-1 Repair Kit Park Tool’s wildly popular GP-2 Super Patch Kit and TL-1 Tyre Levers are now packaged together in this user-friendly and effective repair kit from Park Tool. Don’t let a flat slow you down - the patches are self-adhesive, applied easily and stick without a problem.

Product details


  • A neat puncture repair kit with tyre levers
  • High-strength tyre levers clip together for storage
  • Reliable and durable Park patches
  • Sand paper for preparing the inner tube surface
  • No tube of adhesive required


  • 3 x TL-1.2 Tyre Levers
  • 6 x Tube Patches
  • 1 x Sandpaper


  • Steel


  • 59.00 g


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