E-Bike Replacement Parts Service

Your e-bike’s extra power makes for great fun on the trail – but it also makes for extra wear on your drivetrain. At Canyon, we offer two e-bike service packages, so you can be sure your bike will always be ready to go.


E-Bike Servicing

Services Basic service package* Premium service package*
Complete drivetrain replacement (chain, chainring, cassette)
Brake servicing (brake pads)
Bearing maintenance

*optional suspension servicing (front and rear)

Get all the details and choose the right package for you
  • If nothing on your e-bike needs replacing and you only require routine servicing, you’ll find everything you need on our Inspection & Repair page. Inspection & Repair
  • If you’re an expert mechanic and want to maintain your e-bike yourself, you can get replacement parts at our Gear and Accessories shop. E-Bike replacement parts
  • Our e-bike service packages are available in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, and Portugal. If you import your e-bike to another country, we are unfortunately unable to offer our e-bike servicing, and we are also unable to deliver e-bike components.
  • Just box up your bike, and send it in for servicing. To see how to pack your bike safely in the E-Bike Guard box, watch our video. Spectral:ON - Reboxing
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