8/13/19 Canyon USA
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2019 SBT GRVL presented by Canyon

What’s In Your Burrito Bag? Canyon Athletes Share Race-Day Setup

8/13/19 Canyon USA

The Aug. 18 debut of SBT GRVL presents different race-day fuel and tool storage strategies. From pros to amateurs, we look at how to set up for a killer day on gravel. And from a bike giveaway to autograph sessions, get a look at what we have going on in Steamboat Springs!

What’s In Your Burrito Bag? Canyon Athletes Share Race-Day Setup

The inaugural SBT GRVL gravel race kicks off Sunday Aug. 18, and it’s going to be a rolling party of varied distance options: 141 miles for the SBT Black Course, 100 miles on the Blue Course, and “just” 37 miles for the Green Course (but comes with all the same thin air and rugged course).

With that, loading up for a day in the saddle means a lot of different things to different riders across those three distances. We decided to ask some members of both the pro field (and a few members of our Canyon USA Team that are lining up for the event) how they’re packing for the race.

Tiffany Cromwell, CANYON//SRAM
Event: SBT GRVL Blue Course

The Aussie veteran of the CANYON//SRAM team has had road race stage wins from the Giro d’Italia Feminile to the Lotto Thüringen Ladies Tour. This coming weekend, she’s taking on the 100-miler at SBT GRVL. And for her, staying fueled is top priority, “making sure I’m fully equipped… but not too overloaded.”

  • Rapha gilet “In the mountains a vest is always a good addition, as you never know when it came come in handy
  • SIS Isotonic Energy Gel
  • SIS Go Energy bar
  • Banana Bread. “Perhaps I’ll try to cook up some of my famous banana bread for the back pocket… which I must say is a challenge at altitude, but last time I was there it seemed to turn out alright!”
  • Chocolate. “Maybe I’ll throw in some “save me” chocolate!”
  • Credit card
  • Cash “in case I need to make a pit stop along the way if I run out of food… or just fancy some coffee!”

Aldo Curiel, Warranty and Technical Support, Canyon USA
Event: SBT GRVL Green Course

Canyon USA’s talented warranty team ace is also an ardent social media maven, capturing lots of action on local SoCal rides on his Sony A6000 camera. His ride-day loadout is tech heavy… but not too shy on the sweets, either.

  • Smartphone
  • Four packs of Gushers or Fruit Rollup
  • Two squares of rice crispy treats
  • Sony A6000 w/50mm 1.8 lens
  • Headphones “just in case. You never know if the majestic scenery is not enough for you and a Gary Vee podcast is needed to get you through the ride.”
  • $20 bill “Essential for those post ride tacos, coffee, beer – which will obviously make an appearance on the IG story.”

Ella Harris, CANYON//SRAM
Event: SBT GRVL Green Course

The 2019 Zwift Pro Contract winner for the Canyon//SRAM pro road squad is making her gravel debut at SBT GRVL, and is excited for the experience. “I've never competed in an 'off-road' race before so I'm looking forward to experiencing what gravel events are all about, and perhaps riding at slightly lower than my usual race intensity to take it all in!” she says. “The gravel riding scene appears to have completely taken off in the U.S., and I'm really keen to get a taste of that. I've always loved road races with gravel or off-road sectors, so it'll be awesome to get on board a gorgeous Canyon Grail and have some fun.”
Being her debut, she’s keeping the seriousness level to a minimum; it’s gonna just be a fun day in the saddle for her. That means her burrito bag will be a casual—but smart—collection.

  • Rapha arm warmers
  • Rapha gilet “You never know when the weather will turn against you.”
  • Smartphone “to capture those Instagramable moments.”
  • Banana bread or oat muffins “I always enjoy having a couple pieces of baking for that extra fuel and a morale booster, so I’ll have to make sure I’m stocked up in that department!” (ed note: Ella: be sure to check with your teammate about that banana bread!)

Luis Quintana, Canyon USA Bike Program Specialist
Event: SBT GRVL Blue Course

Quintana has a bunch of basic sensibilities (tools), and a lot of comfort elements (i.e., good food) to leverage on the 100-mile ride. Appropriately, he’s going to load his burrito bag with… a burrito. For real. His loadout:

  • 24oz. can of Tecate roja
  • Crank Bros. M17 multi tool
  • Q-Tubes Superlight 700c x 35-43mm 60mm Presta Valve Tube
  • Pedro’s Tire Levers
  • Three 20-gram Co2 cartridges
  • One – 11 speed master chain link

Jeremiah Bishop, Canyon Ergon Mountain biker
Event: SBT GRVL Black Course

The endurance mountain bike legend has been powering along all season on his Grail, and will be coming off competing at the Leadville 100 mountain bike race. JB’s burrito bag? It’s a short and sweet list… with a bit of sweets at the top of the bag.

  • Sour patch kids! “Gotta have ‘em!” he says
  • Sawyer water filter
  • credit card
  • cell phone
  • tire plugs
  • small fold of gorilla tape for sidewall cuts
  • Pump and tube

Jay Prasuhn, Social Content Specialist
Event: SBT Green Course

Given he’s riding the 37-mile short course, there’s not much needed in the way of food for Prasuhn, who’s background as a converted triathlete has him steeled in how to prep for event self-sustainability.

  • Three SIS Isotonic Energy gel, lemon-lime
  • Red Vines, one box. “My weakness, he says. “If it looks like it’s gonna be a cool day, I’ll throw in a pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.”
  • Lezyne Tubeless tire plug
  • Two Co2 Cartridges, one Co2 head, two tire levers, one tube
  • Canyon Pro Road Vest and set of Canyon arm warmers. “Having ridden nearby high Rockies MTB events from Breck Epic six-day stage race to Leadville, I’m keenly aware that afternoon thunderstorms are a 50/50 prospect any day in the late summer.”

Join us!

If you’re headed to Steamboat Springs for the inaugural SBT GRVL presented by Canyon, we invite you to come by the Canyon booth. We have got tons of activities set for Saturday, August 17th!


Stop by the Canyon booth and register on-site for a chance to win a Grail CF SL 7.0 and to get a drink ticket for the happy hour later that evening, hosted at E3 Chophouse.


Canyon will be unveiling one of the most unique SBT GRVL winners’ awards: Canyon/SBT GRVL Stetson cowboy hat. (Yep, a real Stetson!) Trust us when we say this will be a trophy to remember!


The pro field for SBT GRVL sees two of the strongest women in ProTour cycling: CANYON//SRAM Racing pros Tiffany Jane Cromwell and Ella Harris. Both women will be at the Canyon booth signing autographs and taking photos with fans from 2-2:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

We'll also have a range of Canyon Grail models on display to check out and talk over with our Canyon Crew team on hand.

For those headed up to this exciting gravel debut, we're looking forward to seeing you out for a fantastic day in Steamboat Springs!

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