Up to 340% increased pedal power

With four assist modes, you can get up to 340% increased pedal power. Stopped halfway up a gravel climb? No problem. Suddenly faced with loose, unpredictable terrain? Just roll over it.

Canyon Grail:ON Bosch Motor Bosch PERFORMANCE LINE CX // Photo: Canyon.com
Accelerate faster

In its most powerful setting, the maximum torque of 85 Nm means you’ll accelerate quickly, particularly with a low cadence. That means uphill starts, late gear shifting, and pedalling out of tight corners will be a breeze.

Power on demand to extend your ride time

Extended Boost tailors its output to your efforts, giving you the push you need while conserving energy for what comes next. This ‘power on demand’ lets you conquer the most unpredictable climbs and save some juice for later.

A motor that adapts to your ride style

The Bosch Performance Line CX is extraordinarily sensitive to your level of effort. Multiple sensors take more than 1,000 measurements per second, allowing the motor to adapt to your ride style. Riding feels more natural giving you an extremely sensitive start.

Powerful pedalling to tackle any obstacle

Overcome obstacles by pedalling through them. The eMTB mode tailors the output to your efforts, adapting perfectly to any e-gravel ride. Once your front wheel’s over the hurdle, apply some pedal pressure to kick the rear up to meet it. Conquer all terrains.

Smooth start-up behaviour

With a motor that adapts to your efforts, don’t worry about switching modes to match the terrain. Let the bike do the thinking for you, so you can just enjoy the ride. That’s what e-gravel is all about. Sensitive start-up behaviour puts an end to jerky hill starts with a natural gentle boost of power.

50% more compact even more powerful

Weighing only 4.4 pounds, the 500 Wh battery is at the lighter end of the scale for a motor this powerful.

Up to 55.9 miles on a single charge

Ridden in eco mode, riders can expect to go the distance. If everyday escape is your game, don’t leave anything to chance. Use the Bosch eBike Range Assistant , to get an accurate range estimate based on your rider profile.

Four assist modes

Canyon Grail:ON Bosch Motor Bosch PERFORMANCE LINE CX // Photo: Canyon.com
Turbo 300% boost in pedal power

Fly up to your next big descent with 340% increased power. Turbo mode delivers direct, maximum support up to the highest cadence for when you’re really powering through. This is a perfect mode to switch to once you’ve escaped the city and are ready to empty the tank.

eMTB 200% boost in pedal power

This intuitive mode switches between Turbo and Tour, adapting to your effort level. Built-in sensors taking a thousand readings per second to support you with maximum sensitivity. The eMTB mode delivers on traction and control, rapid acceleration and effortless climbing on technical terrain.

Tour 120% boost in pedal power

This more measured support mode delivers 140% increased power, giving you a boost when it’s needed, while focusing on long-distance riding. Great for an overnighter.

Eco 55% boost in pedal power

Eco delivers effective, but gentle support, with an increase of 60%. It’s designed for maximum efficiency, seeing you through the longer journeys and helping you preserve power for the homestraight. Ideal for multiple days in the saddle.

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