Rory Sutherland in TT mode // Photo:         

09/04/2017, Canyon Canyon at the Tour of Britain

60 Seconds with Rory Sutherland       

With the world's best riders descending on the British Isles for a week of hard racing, we catch up with headline riders from three teams aboard Canyon. Next in the Canyon hotseat is Aussie rider, Rory Sutherland from Movistar Team.

How much experience do you have racing in the UK?
A fair bit actually, I’ve done the Tour of Britain three or four times.

What's your role in this race? Are you captain, a helper or a free agent?
A little bit of everything in this race because we don’t have a sprinter and the course is more suited to sprinters and breakaways. Our role is to look for opportunities essentially and there should be plenty as the format here leads to more exciting racing with only six riders per team and all that.

Most essential piece of kit for riding in the UK?
Endura waterproof shoe covers for sure!

Are there any similarities between Scotland and Girona?
The people in both places are lovely and both places are close to my heart – my family are from Scotland and my wife and children and I are living in Girona.

How do you mix up your training? Any MTB or just road?
I do a little bit of everything, depends what time of the year it is. Most pro road riders do MTB in winter for something a bit different. I particularly enjoy mountain bike training because I just go ride and it’s more enjoyable than doing specific target training for the road.