Alexander Kristoff battles on after crashing hard in the Alps during the Tour de France // Photo: Tino Pohlmann

09/04/2017, Canyon Canyon at the Tour of Britain

60 Seconds with Alexander KristofF

As a former winner of Milan-Sanremo and the Tour of Flanders, Alexander Kristoff is one of the headline riders to take the line at the 2017 Tour of Britain. The Norwegian is using the race as a crucial form test before his season's biggest objective: a home World Championships in Bergen just weeks away...

What is your most memorable victory at Katusha?
Tour of Flanders 2015 – it’s the greatest race in my opinion, I grew up watching it and so to win it was the best feeling.

How does racing in the UK suit your style?
It’s similar weather to Norway and similar terrain, so I’m pretty used to the conditions and landscapes suit me well.

Are you looking forward to home Word Champs? Is it a big objective?
For sure, it’s mostly what I think about and my big goal for this season. I’m trying to get in shape and that’s why I’m here at the Tour of Britain!

Have you targeted any stages at the Tour if Britain?
The first few stages are flat and good for sprinting so these are the stages I will be targeting. Almost all of the days can be winning or at least podium days for me I think.

What has been your toughest day on the bike this season?
Two days after my crash at Le Tour. My wounds were swollen and I had no energy because I wasn’t sleeping well because the pain was keeping me awake at night.