11/15/2017, Canyon

Riding for a Greater Good

The Mike Nosco Memorial Ride

Jack Nosco sported a fresh nick on the bridge of his nose and walked with a bit of a limp as he greeted the final finishers of the Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride on November 3rd. You’d never know he’d been a part of big pileup during the ride earlier that day. Or that he was admitted to the emergency room, released himself and hustled back to the race that bears his brother’s name, to be there and shake hands and congratulate the final finishers. Such is Jack’s ethos.

Nine years ago, when he started the ride to both honor his brother’s legacy and use the chance to bring industry friends together for a fundraising effort, Jack Nosco didn’t expect much. “I expected 10 people, and 100 people showed up,” he said. “We raised $15,000 that first year, and I was hoping for $1,000. It was amazing.”

Over the years, the Nosco Ride as it’s affectionately known, has grown like wildfire. The event began as a memorial for Mike Nosco, Jack’s brother, who was killed in a traffic accident in 2004, taking place to serve as a fundraiser for local folks facing life-threatening health issues. With all funds from the ride benefitting the Mike P. Nosco Foundation, nearly 800 riders came out make a donation and take part in the event, with four people—Denise Burke, John Van Mannekes, Gerhard Gross and Sam Audenino each facing their own challenges—serving as this year’s recipients.

The Nosco Memorial always takes place on November 3rd, the day Mike Nosco passed away, with riders taking on the challenging 80-mile loop around the Santa Monica Mountains just north of Los Angeles, Calif. Yet regardless day of the week the ride takes place the industry and the riders show up. This year, Canyon came out to lend its support (and turn pedals in solidarity) with Jack and the rest of the field of riders that included former motocross star David Bailey and former pro cyclists Dave Zabriskie.

On what turned out to be an idyllic fall day, the riders were eager to enjoy the sun and hills, some a bit too eager, getting sucked into a pile-up. Jack Nosco was lucky to be able to return to the finish and thank those that came out to support the local community in need, in his late brother’s name.

“The whole world is busy, but we have people in our own community that really need help and inspiration,” Jack Nosco said. “When you put on a free event, you’re at the mercy of people like Canyon, brands that step up and help out. We’re happy to say that all the benefits of a day like today, it goes right to the recipient. I mean we had Joanie, who was a recipient from a past event, and she’s now four years in cancer remission. And she’s here today, giving back. It’s full circle, and just amazing."