03/21/2017, Canyon THE ENGINEER


“I’m always thinking about what I can change on the product, or what new inventions I can create to make me go faster.”

For Moritz Ströer, a mountain bike product engineer at Canyon and former downhill racer, developing bikes and racing go hand-in-hand. When working on the Sender, Canyon’s first fully-fledged downhill bike, his passion for riding and racing were critical. Moritz split time between the desk and the trails doing tests with riders like Fabien Barel to make sure the bike was ready to compete at the highest level.For Moritz, “it’s really important to feel the needs of racers right now and to go to a race like the Enduro World Series.” In the case of the last round of the series in Finale Ligure, Italy, those needs are serious. Over the course of two days, competitors are required to not only descend over 19 kilometers of fast and technical singletrack, but also do over 3,000m of climbing through the Italian hills. Follow Moritz as he looks for inspiration and tries his hand at one of the enduro world’s most iconic races.