09/27/2018, Canyon.HOME USA Grand opening


"We Are Here" became more than a call. After a year in business, Canyon USA Headquarters were christened this month in Carlsbad, Calif.

Just over a year ago, Canyon founder Roman Arnold signed off on something that was a bit of a dream upon a dream: an expansion of the brand he conceptualized at home in Germany, into America—one of the biggest, most thriving and dynamic cycling communities in the world. In the late summer of 2017, he pressed the green button, and Canyon USA was born, carrying with it Canyon’s ethos: the best bikes at the best price for cyclists.

A year later, with the U.S. effort led by Canyon USA president Blair Clark, the decision to expand into America couldn’t have been a better one. With some of the most technologically advanced bikes available today, ridden to pro-level success at events across the globe, Canyon went from being a dream for American cyclists, to the dream bike for many Americans, embraced by ride fans and ridden on trails and roads from Seattle to Miami.. The resounding call of “When is Canyon coming to America?” changed. The siren call? “Canyon is Here.”

Under classically warm Southern California skies in late September, Canyon fans and industry friends converged on Canyon.Home in Carlsbad, Calif. for the offical Grand Opening for the Canyon USA Headquarters. It would, as one would expect, kick off with morning bike rides. Over 200 cyclists headed out on a spirited loop inland from the coast through the hills, while 50 or so riders took on the dirt trails for a gravel ride. Tour de France legend Erik Zabel and pro triathletes Carrie Lester and Scott DeFillipis paced the road ride, while local Canyon-supported team Coeurer Cycling kept the pace and spirits of both rides high.

Each group returned a few hours later to regale the ride over beer, tacos and acai bowls and enjoy a teeming industry expo. Folks also cruised the bikes on display in the showroom and talked to the Canyon Crew about models, taking advantage of a full demo fleet to give road, mountain and gravel models a try.

For Canyon’s founder, the coastal Southern California location for his singular USA presence—proximal to daily coastal rides along Highway 101 and accessible to trails within minutes of the Canyon.Home base—was an easy choice.

“The thing I like most is having a place that inspires riders to ride,” Arnold said. “This location is a great place to inspire. To see so many people here, in a community that rides year-round, showing that Pure Cycling spirit… for me it’s a dream come true.”

And as a cyclist,  Canyon’s presence in the United States—a place he’s long enjoyed riding for overthe last two decades—is one he said is near and dear to Arnold’s heart.

“The coolest thing is not just seeing riders on my bike, but to see all these riders having fun on our bikes,” he said. “After one year, I feel like we’re part of the community here. We’ve officially arrived here.”