02/15/2019, SDMBA Grail Giveaway

Five for the Trail, One for the Grail

A five-dollar donation toward better trails (and better trail access) in San Diego County may net you a new Grail! 

How much would you bet that you could win a free Canyon Grail? The San Diego Mountain Bike Association (SDMBA) bets you that five bucks would be enough.

Canyon partnered with SDMBA on a new initiative called “Five for the Trail, One for the Grail.” Every five dollar donation to SDMBA enters you into a drawing to win a Canyon Grail CF SL 8.0 with the above custom  "Five for the Trail/One for the Grail" design treatment. Donations will go to supporting SDMBA’s mission of improving trail access for mountain bikers in San Diego County as the group works with the City of San Diego and San Diego County on building trails in new locations. Where do the funds go? Only the basics to making rad trails happen: equipment rental, equipment purchase like rakes, shovels and trowels, and food and drink for the team of volunteers doing the work on the trails.

So as a mountain bike-centric coalition... why does SDMBA choose a Grail gravel bike for this fundraiser? For SDMBA, a non-profit that’s been in existence since 1994, executive director Susie Murphy said the reason is simple: with a new crop of gravel riders dashing onto Southern California trails for the first time the last few years, it’s a chance to bring awareness not only to the amazing breadth of trail riding options, but also the protocol that goes into making sure they stay free for us to ride.

"Gravel riding has become popular in Southern California, and we are happy to be partnering with the Belgian Waffle Ride—an event with whom we are a charity partner," Smith says. "It allows us to reach a new audience, and help educate everyone what I takes to have trails stay legal and what it takes to maintain and to understand trail etiquette of staying on established trails not riding on trails when it’s too wet, things like that."

Trail work for this fundraiser is already underway; working with the City of San Diego, a team of 300 volunteers has already netted an eye-popping 1000-plus hours of trail work on the new Black Widow Trail on San Diego’s Black Mountain, as well as rerouting of a trail called Rockhouse in the South Bay, partnering with U.S. Fish and Wildlife to ensure proper protocol. Murphy says progress has been quick and effecive thanks to the rains that have made digging quicker and easier. While the rains have put the brakes on trail riding for the last few weeks, “we are making great progress right now,” Murphy says. 

Murphy hopes to raise over $20,000 ... and maybe more. "I’m hoping it’ll be a big draw,” she says. 

To donate for a chance to win the Grail (the more you enter, the greater your chances!) and to pay it forward into the trail access work of this bike-friendly nonprofit, hit this link.