07/27/2018, Customizing your New Canyon Frameset

Building your Canyon from Scratch

Nothing makes a statement like a Canyon built to your tastes. 

It’s true: for many of us,: the custom touch is where it’s at.

There’s a reason a pinstripe artist plys his trade on muscle cars, the reason a tattoo artist takes pride in a piece of work. Originality in style doesn’t need to be appreciate by the masses, for there’s but one person to whom it matters most: the owner. Bikes are no different. To many of us, these frames represents a blank canvas. Canyon is thrilled to make available a limited run of Ultimate and Endurace framesets.

For many, intense consideration goes into the manner by which we apply our tastes to our bike, imparting  a reflection of style and inspiration. Sometimes it’s a bespoke wheelset, a perfect set of carbon clinchers with custom color decals. That Campy gruppo you simply can’t let sit idle. A new power meter.  Titanium cages. Everything right down to that waxed canvas saddle bag or tires with  tan sidewalls,—for a throwback touch of classical style to any modern ride—are considered.

And It’s always, always finished with well-wrapped bar tape.

By way of example, we submit Exhibit A—a subtle, yet effective dose of personal style. This Canyon Crew member's bike was a stock Grey Endurace accessorized with red Canyon Ergospeed Gel bar tape, and a matching red Fi:zi’k Antares saddle to provide flashes of color without being overbearing. A few simple hits of color are often all it takes to create eye-catching beauty—for those who are lucky enough to catch a glimpse as you blow by them.

How subtle, stylish or crazy can you go? The sky’s the limit. All you need is a blank canvas!