05/18/2018, Bike to Work Week

A week to Celebrate the Ride commute

The Daily Grind doesn't have to be a grind at all!

The week of May 14-18 is Bike to Work Week (withing which is Bike to Work Day on  May 18th), and it's a celebration we can all rally around, a rally gaining greater steam. With better infrastructure coming from several cities across the country for increased bike lanes, more space and visibility in those lanes, from 2000 to 2013, the number of bike commuters rose by over 62 percent.  Saying "one less car" while putting on a helmet and heading to work on your bike has never been easier.

Motivations are plentiful. The nonprofit People for Bikes cites many benefits, from greater productivity from bike commuters (with studies claiming that aerobic activity promotes structural brain plasticity) to decreased health insurance costs. Yep, riding your bike is good for the heart and muscles and mind.

The League of American Bicyclists adds that the miles to and from work don't have to be morphed into training days—though they certainly can for the Strava-philes among us! In truth, they say 40 percent of all trips on a bike are less than two miles.

So the next time you bemoan another annual car lot pass, that ding in your door that happened on the clock, or the rising price of gas, think of that two-wheeled wonder in the garage, waiting to take you in to work. and a day with the endorphins already primed and the mind ready. Well, maybe still after a cup of coffee.