10/19/2018, Pro Sports

Rampage 2018

Mountain biking at its limit: The Red Bull Rampage in Utah is the anticipated-freeride event of the year, and the last stop in the calendar for this year's FMB World Tour. Only the world´s best and boldest riders are invited.

What the makes the Rampage so almighty? The riders have to build their own line in the steep and technical slope with a team of maximum two people, which they then take under the studs of their big bikes in the final. Four criteria will then count at the showdown on 26 October 2018: line choice, tricks, jumps, speed & style.

25-year-old Belgian and Canyon Factory Freeride rider Thomas Genon; one of the best MTB slopestyle and freeriders in the world: known for impressing at international slopestyle contest as well as at the Rampage with his unmistakable style and ease. Like almost no other he knows how to adapt his casual riding style to the extreme terrain in Utah. With a successful mix of trick-combos and Big Mountain Riding he managed a sixth place last year. He’s definitely one to watch at this year’s Rampage.

When the riding gets tough, there is only one bike on the menu for "Tommy G"; Sender CF - developed for high speed, wide gaps and the most technical descents.