All Mountain Bikes

All Mountain Bikes

Are you the kind of do-it-all rider who mixes it up with those euphoric uphill ascents, sweet rough trails, and relaxed cross-country riding? Then the top-class quality Canyon All Mountain Bikes are ideal for your versatile style. Modern geometry, lightweight materials, wide handlebars, and the latest suspension technology mean you can conquer any terrain.

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    • Color: Alps White
    • Color: Peak Blues
    FOX 34 Rhythm, SRAM NX Eagle
    Financing available for this product
  • Spectral CF 8 K.I.S.
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    • Color: Reflecting Grey
    RockShox Lyrik Select+ RC, SRAM GX Eagle AXS
    Financing available for this product
  • Neuron CF 9 SL
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    • New Stock
    • Color: Moss Green
    SRAM GX Eagle AXS, FOX 34 Float Factory FIT4
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    Use Outlet10
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  • Neuron 5
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    • New Stock
    • Color: Alps White
    • Color: Soil Red
    Rock Shox Recon Silver RL, SRAM SX Eagle 12s
  • Spectral 29 AL 5
    • New Stock
    • Color: Real Raw
    • Color: Flat Earth
    Shimano DEORE M6100, FOX 36 Rhythm Grip
    Financing available for this product
  • Spectral Young Hero
    • Only available in 2XS
    • New Stock
    • Color: Shockwave
    SRAM SX Eagle 12s, RockShox Recon Silver RL
    You save $200
  • Spectral 29 CF 8
    • New Stock
    • Color: Big Bamboo
    Shimano DEORE XT M8100, FOX 36 Performance Elite Grip 2
    Financing available for this product
  • Spectral 29 CFR
    • New
    • Color: CFR Green
    SRAM X01 Eagle AXS, FOX 36 Factory Grip2
    Financing available for this product
  • Spectral 4
    • Save now
    • New Stock
    • Color: Raw'kn'Roll
    • Color: Sand
    ROCKSHOX 35 Silver TurnKey, SRAM SX Eagle 12s
  • Spectral 29 CFR
    • New Stock
    • Sale
    • Color: Ag 47
    Shimano XTR, 12-speed, FOX 36 Factory 29"
    You save $600
    Financing available for this product
  • Spectral 125 AL 5
    • New Stock
    Award: Spectral 125 AL 5
    • Color: Real Raw
    • Color: Flat Earth
    Shimano DEORE M6100, RockShox 35 Gold RL 140mm
    Financing available for this product
  • Spectral 29 CF 7
    • New Stock
    • Color: Big Bamboo
    Shimano SLX M7100, FOX 36 Rhythm Grip
    Financing available for this product
  • Neuron CF 8
    • Only available in XL
    • Save now
    • Color: True Blue
    Shimano SLX M7100, FOX 34 Performance
    You save $600
  • Spectral 27.5 CF 7
    • Only available in L
    • Color: Big Bamboo
    Shimano SLX M7100, FOX 36 Rhythm Grip
    Financing available for this product
  • Spectral 27.5 CF 8
    • Coming soon
    • Color: Big Bamboo
    Shimano DEORE XT M8100, FOX 36 Performance Elite Grip2
    Financing available for this product
  • Spectral Mullet CF 8 CLLCTV
    • Save now
    • Color: Funkturm Grey
    Shimano DEORE XT M8100, FOX 36 Performance Elite Grip 2
    Financing available for this product

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What is an All Mountain Bike?

Simply put, it’s the all-rounder among mountain bikes: the Jack or Jill-of-all-trades. Ingenious tech specs give you the flexibility everyone looks for in a durable mountain bike for everyday rides. Ample suspension between 140-160 mm delivers top performance on ascents and descents, so you can leave stones, roots and mud behind you and whizz full speed ahead to the next berm. Incredible traction, cornering grip and smooth pedalling make it all possible. Jump, drop, weave, and enjoy.

Canyon All-Mountain bikes are available online as Hardtails or full-suspension MTBs: the choice is yours. Whether you’re a professional, enthusiast or complete beginner, the moment you hop on the right All Mountain Bike bike for you, you’ll find unlimited fun. Scroll to find your fit.

Hardtail or full-suspension: which is right for me?

Canyon hardtail and full-suspension bikes are made of aluminium and carbon, so they’re nice and light. The noticeable differences between the two are with the suspension and the riding feel this gives.

All mountain hardtail bikes

Hardtail Mountain bikes have just one suspension system, which is in the fork. While pedalling, your power is immediately transferred to the trail. This gives a punchy response and dynamic acceleration while riding uphill.

All Mountain full-suspension bikes

Two suspension elements are installed on full-suspension mountain bikes. As well as the suspension fork, the rear triangle is installed with an air or coil shock. This means that on descents and jumps you get more traction, cushioned blows and optimum control.

What makes an excellent All Mountain Bike?

Bundle versatility, comfortable handling and innovative safety features together and you get unlimited riding fun. A range of technical specs, stunning geometry and kinematics from the designers are the chef’s kiss:

Progressive geometry for maximum pleasure on any terrain

  • Flexible seatpost, steering and bottom bracket height adjustment
  • Slack steering angle and steep seating position for ideal reach and stack
  • Various spring elements, adjustable chassis and ergonomic handlebars

Smart cable routing for quiet rides

  • Cable pulls are routed on the main frame internally in plastic housing for performance in any weather
  • Externally routed cables on the rear triangle ensure convenience and easy maintenance
  • Chainstay protectors are used as frame protection to minimise nuisance chain noise

Extremely robust industrial bearings for ultimate agility

  • Durable bearings with double-sealed bolts and external rubber seals
  • Canyon-developed bearing grease
  • long-term protection against dirt and moisture

Hassle-free threads for smooth durability

  • replaceable steel threaded inserts to protect the frame
  • simply replace and exchange in the event of a defect
  • Balanced framework ratio for epic rides, every time
  • Perfect ratio of stiffness to weight
  • Optimised tube shapes for aluminium bikes deliver rigidity and stability with reduced wall thickness to keep the bike light

Which All Mountain Bike is right for me?

Your ideal All Mountain Bike is based on your height and frame size. Check out our wheel size guide for inch-to-style ratio. Speed, agility, or flow: you know your own riding priorities. Our Size Split tool helps you find the perfect fit and most comfort with maximum riding fun. Smaller sized bikes are equipped with 27.5 inch wheels. Bikes in size M and bigger are equipped with 29 inch wheels. For a size party, check out the Mullet set-up: they combine a 29 inch front wheel with a 27.5 inch rear wheel. The result? A premium riding experience on the descent: you remain in control at the front yet agile at the back. The mullet all mountain bikes are the true bridge between progressive enduro and tough trail bikes.

Characteristics 29 inch

  • Smooth and dynamic
  • Excellent rollover behaviour
  • Great for rough climbs and fast descents

Characteristics 27.5 inch

  • Manoeuvrable and agile
  • Quick changes of direction
  • Ideal for technical tricks, obstacles and jumps

Characteristics mullet

  • Precise front wheel with agile rear end
  • Controlled change of direction
  • Great handling on technical trails and steep sections
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