No two rides are the same

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Endurace CF SLX

Every single ride brings new challenges. Whether it’s the roads we turn down, the conditions we face or the companions we ride with, the outcome is always different: No two rides are the same. Whatever type of rider you are, we created the Endurace CF SLX to cover you for anything that can happen out on the road.
No two riders are the same.
Which one are you?


Up before dawn and in the saddle when the temperature still reads sub-zero. The Outsider gets their fix by enjoying the road all to themselves.



Epic rides spanning whole countries take on a different dimension with group camaraderie added to the mix. The Socialite shares the road to make the experience even more memorable.



Whatever life throws your way, there’s always time to ride. The Challenger crunches the numbers to get out on the road and take on new goals.



By enhancing control, increasing aerodynamic efficiency and achieving a construction that wastes minimal energy, the Endurace CF SLX enables the rider to tackle whatever the road can throw their way. Fresher legs after 150 km to take on steep ramps, blind technical descents and false flats into headwinds make all the difference.


We pioneered road bike comfort as a crucial factor in increasing overall performance. Our emphasis for the Endurace CF SLX lay in creating the most comfortable and ergonomic contact points possible, like with the revolutionary H31 Ergocockpit. Combined with our proven Sport Geometry, all riders can find the ideal position to go far and go fast.

Endurace CF SLX highlights

Comfort Kink

To enhance the flex properties of our VCLS 2.0 seatposts without compromising pedalling dynamics, we engineered a kink halfway up the seat tube that allows us to shorten the top tube length while maintaining the optimal seat tube angle.

Integrated Seat Clamp

As the contact point that bears the greatest load, the saddle and seatpost have a huge role to play in the pursuit of more comfort. Our integrated seat clamp exploits the elastic properties of our seatposts far greater and is also much lighter than previous designs.

Wide Tyres & Extra Clearance

To reap the benefits of hydraulic disc brakes, 28 mm tyres are fitted on all Endurace CF SLX models with clearance to take a maximum 33 mm. The result is improved traction and shock absorption without compromising rolling resistance or responsiveness.

Through Axles & RWS Lever

12 mm through axles are perfectly designed to cope with the forces applied by disc brakes, while the custom Canyon RWS lever enables simple tension adjustment. Once tightened, the lever can be set to the desired position or removed altogether. One lever is all you need for front and rear.

Endurace CF SLX