G5 Components

Over the years, Canyon has raised the bar for product testing and quality control. Our in-house CT scanner was a world first in the bike business and our testing protocol goes beyond any industry standards. That’s why we created G5. Bringing together our quality control, award-winning design language and close relationships with our Factory Racing teams, the new bombproof G5 handlebars and stems were designed and developed to meet the demands of riders like Fabien Barel and Troy Brosnan and set a new standard in mountain bike componentry


G5 - Gravity components tested and rated to our highest category: 5. We wanted to ensure that our handlebars and stems don’t just share the same design DNA as our frames, they are also held to the same quality standards. In our test lab, the components are subjected to forces impossible to recreate as a rider out on the mountain, no matter the size of the drop or the jump. On top of that, each of our carbon fibre handlebars goes through our CT scanner to make sure that all components come out of the box ready for serious riding.

Direct Mount



Developed together with the riders of the Canyon Factory Downhill, Enduro and Freeride teams, the new line of G5 handlebars and stems haven’t just been tested in our lab, they’ve been put through the wringer on tracks and trails all over the world. While durability was key, enhancing rider control and handling was just as high a priority. Professional downhill, enduro and freeride riders require pinpoint handling to make split-second line choices out on the track and the G5 bars were designed for just that.



G5 Grips

Thin design that offers excellent grip and single clamp attachment.

  1. Width 120mm
  2. Weight 114g


Developing our own handlebars and stems represents the next step in our mountain bike design language. Our bikes place a focus on integration and the communication of function through form. We pride ourselves on our constant drive to advance design within the scene and this year were rewarded by becoming the first bike manufacturer to receive the coveted Red Dot Design Team of the Year award.

Built forthe big lines