Urban 8.0
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Urban 8.0

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Urban 8.0
  • Weight
    10.50 kg
  • Material
    Aluminium (AL)

Urban 8.0 Conventional wisdom might dictate that there is no point in buying anything but a beater-bike for your rides to work, but then conventional wisdom doesn’t have to ride it every day either. The Canyon Urban 8.0 offers the perfect mix of utility and design to be both enjoyable and practical. With a frame made from lightweight aluminum, the Urban 8.0 will be every bit as durable as any old beater, if not more so. It will also be light and infinitely more maneuverable. The Canyon specially developed headset-stem interface will probably be one of the first things you’ll notice about the bike. It’s been designed to be responsive and nippy to help you weave your way through traffic and around tight corners. It’ll encourage an upright, comfy position on the bike.

Urban 8.0 The shifting duties are taken over by the Shimano Alfine 11-speed internal gear hub. Easy to maintain and offering a wide range of gear options, the Alfine 11-speed has been optimized for city commuting, but with the 11-speeds, there’s no reason why you couldn’t take this on a weekend tour as well. In lieu of a conventional chain the Urban 8.0 uses the Gates belt drive system, which offers a more durable, practically maintenance-free drivetrain. No more oil stains on the trousers when you get into work. Recognizing that there are folks out there intent on nicking nice bits off bikes, the wheels have been secured with Hexlox Anti-Theft measures to prevent pilfering. You’ll enjoy the Urban 8.0 commuting bike so much, you’ll even be looking forward to leaving for work in the morning.

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Bike classification

Bikes of category 2 are suitable for well-maintained hard-surface roads where the wheels remain in permanent contact to the ground. These bikes are designed for urban mobility and thus mainly for participation in road traffic and use on public and permitted lanes. This category comprises urban, city and trekking bikes. The permissible maximum overall weight comprising rider, luggage and bicycle should not exceed 120 kg. Under certain circumstances this permissible maximum weight can be further limited by the component manufacturers’ recommendations for use.

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