Neuron WMN
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Neuron WMN

From the alpine traverse to the post-work spin, the Neuron WMN and its modern geometry make for an all-around, full suspension machine and your new favourite mountain bike companion.

Neuron WMN
  • Enjoy the ride.

    The balanced and modern geometry positions you centrally on the bike, and pairs perfectly with 130-mm of front and rear suspension to offer you superior safety, and the best-possible handling for endless fun out on the trails.

  • Everything you need.

    Landing squarely between the race-ready Lux and the all-mountain Spectral, the Neuron WMN can handle a huge range of riding. From the flow trail to the alpine traverse to the marathon course, everything is possible with this versatile allrounder.

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    • candy red
    • rapid grey
    • brushed coral
    • horizon blue