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Speedmax WMN

If you want to get the peak performance out of all your hard training, there is no better choice than the Speedmax WMN CF and CF SLX. Choose the best, so that you can do your best. You deserve it!

Speedmax WMN
Canyon Speedmax Daniela Saemmler

“Since I started riding the Speedmax, cycling has become my favourite part of the triathlon! It has such a great design and is seriously fast, but I’ve been most impressed by how stable it is and how well it handles. It even rides great into strong winds!”

Daniela Sämmler, Canyon Athlete (Team Erdinger Alcohol-free)

Canyon - Speedmax CF - Family Complete

Family Complete

The Speedmax WMN CF and CF SLX – family complete! Both platforms impress with unbeatable aerodynamics, long-distance comfort and smart solutions for on-the-bike nutrition and hydration. The Speedmax WMN CF SLX comes delivered to your door ready for racing, while the CF loses small things like the integrated hydration system but offers many of the same performance features at an outstanding value.

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