Apr 13, 2021 Canyon.com
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Fabio Wibmer Torque CF signature editon

Apr 13, 2021 Canyon.com

The Torque CF Fabio Wibmer isn’t just a show piece, this is a bike made to be ridden. With input from Fabio on every area of the specification.

Fabio Wibmer Torque CF signature editon

On the 8th of January in 2020, Canyon welcomed Fabio Wibmer to the CLLCTV Family. From the outset, this partnership was always destined to become something extraordinary. For many years, Canyon has worked alongside some of the best athletes in the world, to help us develop better products for our fans, and with Fabio we are taking this to a whole new level.

Fabio became well acquainted with our fun loving bikepark machine, the Torque CF, during his first video project of 2020 – the jaw dropping ‘Israel Is My Playground’ edit. The agile, playful handling and Category 5, ‘DH proven’, durability makes the Torque the perfect platform for Fabio’s unique approach to freeride mountain biking. So, it seemed the ideal place to start on a signature model project.

While there’s more to this bike than its looks, the SICKnature white and gold colour theme is unmistakably Fabio, and it is a unique design for this model. But the Torque CF Fabio Wibmer isn’t just a show piece, this is a bike made to be ridden. With input from Fabio on every area of the specification, it’s safe to say, we have left no stone unturned in our mission to provide our fans the same performance Fabio demands from his own setup.

Starting with the Ohlins suspension, featuring a custom tuned rear shock, which delivers the traction and support needed for hitting everything on and off the mountain. A pair of hugely powerful Magura MT7 brakes, with a larger than standard 203mm rear rotor, offer the necessary stopping power for freeride and trials madness. Continental Tyres and DT Swiss Wheelset match the bombproof setup Fabio has been using for the past 12 months. Finally, the bike is dripping in Fabio’s signature line of components from SQ Lab – which means even the contact points mirror the exact feel of Fabio’s own Torque CF.

Torque CF Fabio Wibmer

The Torque CF Fabio Wibmer is priced at €4,999* and will be on sale from 11am CEST on the 13th of April. Only 80 of these very special bikes will be produced, available exclusively on canyon.com **.

* Eurozone pricing
** Not available in USA

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