Canyon South Africa

How do I get my hands on a Canyon in South Africa?

It’s really simple – read on to find out all you need to know about purchasing, shipping, and servicing.

All Canyon bicycles are shipped directly to South African customers from our headquarters in Koblenz, Germany. Canyon’s direct sales model offers a significant advantage over traditional models – to learn all about the benefits of buying from us, see Buy at Canyon.

For residents of South Africa, buying a Canyon is simple. You can order your bike on – there are just a few small extra steps you have to keep in mind, which are explained in detail in this article.



As soon as you have chosen your Canyon, follow these simple steps to have it quickly delivered straight to your door from Germany via airmail.


  • Select and pay for your bike at our website.

  • To find out your right size, use our PPS sizing system.

  • Prices are displayed in USD and this purchase does not include German VAT.

  • Shipping charges as displayed on the shipping page.

  • You can add spares, pedals, derailleur hangers etc. to this shipping order.


  • If your bike is in the warehouse it gets dispatched immediately.

  • If it is not in stock, you will see the date when the bike can be dispatched.

  • Your order is insured all the way to your door.

VAT and duties

  • Currently, UPS handles shipments from Canyon to South Africa, and they also assist with the import process.

  • UPS will send you a mail and most likely give you a call with an invoice to pay for South African import duties and South African VAT.

  • For bicycles the actual duty is 15% and VAT currently represents another 15%.

  • As soon as you pay your import duties and VAT, customs will release your bike and deliver it to your door within 2-3 days.

  • Note: You are allowed three imports on your SA ID number per year without an importer’s code. If you make more imports per year, or any imports at a value higher than R50,000, you will need a clearing agent or importer’s code.

Example of your purchase price:

  • At a sales price of 2000$

  • +15% VAT = 300$

  • +15% Import Duties = 300$

  • 2000$ + 300$ + 300$ = 2600$

  • For the ZAR price, multiply the 2600$ with the current USD exchange rate



After some riding, you are welcome to bring or send your bike to the Canyon Service Center in Stellenbosch for a 6-month inspection, annual inspection, or safety inspection. The service center also provides a wide range of services, ideal if you’d like to give your bike some love.

Type of service required

  • Already know which services you require? Then please select one of the three categories below:

  • First inspection (Up to 6 months after purchase date R600, if later see annual inspection)

  • Annual inspection (hardtail R900, full-suspension bike R1100, road bike R800, Urban R900, Speedmax R2000)

  • Safety check (R500)


  • You can add suspension part servicing to every service order for an additional charge:

  • Fork maintenance (R800 – R1400 depending on manufacturer and model).

  • Shock maintenance (R700 – R1200 depending on manufacturer and model).

  • Shapeshifter Gas Spring Service (R800) Note: As an alternative we can send you a refurbished, fully functioning gas spring to install yourself at home to get you back riding even quicker.



If you need to make a guarantee claim for your bicycle, Canyon will make sure to look after you and remedy the problem.

You can complete the form on our website and once a Canyon technician approves it, the replacement frame will be sent to the service center in Stellenbosch to be rebuilt. You can choose to either personally return the faulty bike to us or send it via our courier partner.

For further assistance, please email