Mar 11, 2021

Longer delivery times due to increased demand

Mar 11, 2021

We inform you about temporarily adjusted ordering options

Longer delivery times due to increased demand Canyon delivery times 2021

It's great to see that our sport is gaining a rapidly growing community of fans worldwide. As you may know, the recent bike boom has caused an enormous increase in demand. Nevertheless, last year, we were able to keep up with your orders, doubling our delivery volume and managing to deliver around 90% of all orders on time. Although, of course, our goal is always a perfect 100%.

Now, we are faced with a new challenge: over the coming months, we probably won’t be able to maintain this level of reliability in terms of delivery. This is because of uncertainty in the market, which is currently affecting many bike manufacturers in equal measure. In short: there are too few parts and components available at the moment, suppliers often aren’t able to meet their promised deadlines, and the limited transport possibilities caused by the Coronavirus pandemic are still restricting the international movement of goods.

Our top priority is being as reliable as possible when it comes to delivering your bike to you. So, we have to tell you now, quite frankly, that we will not be able to meet all our shipping deadlines that we have already communicated. Therefore we have made some temporary ordering adjustments on our website:

- You can order bikes from stock or with a shipping date within the near future as normal.

- All other bikes with an expected shipping date further in the future cannot be ordered for the time being. You can, however, use the ‘Notify me’ function: we will then inform you automatically when the bike you want is available again.

We’re doing everything we can...

... to improve our delivery performance again. To this end, we are in close contact with our suppliers in order to be able to react quickly to changes in component availability. In line with the current situation, we’re regularly adjusting our production and production planning flexibly so that we can manufacture your dream bike as quickly as possible. It is worth checking our website regularly.

We sincerely apologise for the longer waiting times and the ordering restrictions they are causing. Please rest assured that all of us here in the Canyon Crew are doing our best to meet your expectations as quickly as possible.

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