All women’s mountain bikes

This page will help you find your perfect mountain bike, explain why we design women’s specific bikes and help you discover your mountain biking ride style.

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  • Grand Canyon 7 WMN
    Color only available to members. Register .
    • Color: Luna Blue
    Grand Canyon 7 WMN
    RockShox Judy Silver, SRAM SX Eagle
    1,349 US$
  • Grand Canyon 6 WMN
    Color only available to members. Register .
    • Color: Soft Coral
    Grand Canyon 6 WMN
    SR Suntour XCR, Shimano Deore XT M8100 12speed
    1,149 US$
  • Grand Canyon 5 WMN
    Color only available to members. Register .
    • Color: Sprint Mint
    Grand Canyon 5 WMN
    SR Suntour XCR, Shimano Deore, 12-speed  
    899 US$
  • Grand Canyon 8 WMN
    Color only available to members. Register .
    • Color: Unicorn White
    Grand Canyon 8 WMN
    FOX 34 Rhythm, Shimano Deore XT M8100 12speed
    1,549 US$

Why ride a woman’s mountain bike?

Canyon WMN is range of bikes designed for riders between 152cm (5'1") and 186cm (6'0").

You’re probably best suited to a WMN mountain bike if you

  • Find your suspension is is usually too hard
  • Struggle to get your suspension set up just right for your body weight

By tweaking our WMN mountain bikes we’re able to

  • Reduce standover height for better maneuverability
  • Lower bottom bracket for incredible cornering and stability
  • Give you a bigger range when setting up your suspension

    On the trails, this means better control at speed, more confidence and more choice to ride a bike that feels right.

What if I want a unisex bike?

All of our bikes are unisex.

We’ve designed women specific versions of our most popular mountain bikes, including both the Spectral:ON and Neuron:ON e-mountain bikes to give you more choice than ever.

Should I ride full suspension or hardtail?

Your ride style and location is the key to finding the best bike. Choose wisely.


Full suspension explained

A full suspension bike has front and back suspension to absorb shocks from rough ground.

They’re designed for undulating trails, short sharp climbs and tricky steep descents.

See the Spectral WMN for trails and jumps

See the Neuron WMN for a great allrounder


Hard tail explained

A hard tail absorbs shock from the front wheel through the fork but remains rigid at the back.

The rigid back is more efficient for pedalling, putting more power into your climbing.

It’s the ideal bike for cross country riding.

See the Exceed WMN for a race winner

See the Grand Canyon WMN for an all rounder

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