18/11/2014, CANYON 2014 PODIUM MOMENTS


Anyone who straps fireworks to themselves to light the trails at night clearly doesn't get fazed by much, which is why Ludo was brought into the CFET setup at the start of 2014. Having lived in Verbier high up in the Swiss Alps his whole life, Ludo is pretty handy when it comes to ripping down mountains and has years of racing experience behind him. A broken arm towards the end of the season put him on the sidelines for the final events but that didn't stop him from being at the races to support his teammates. Ludo will be back on it when he lines up with CFET again in 2015. 

Find out his best bits from the year below!

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Top 3 stops during EWS 2014

1. Chile.

2. Whistler.

3. La Thuile.

Top 3 moments during EWS 2014

1. Feeling in Chile that I have the speed.

2. Joe's first podium in Scotland.

3. Fab's win in Finale Ligure.

Top 3 scariest moments during EWS 2014

1. Losing my shoe while racing in Whistler.

2. Breaking my arm and not being able to race Trans Provence or Finale Ligure.

3. The tornado alert at Denver Airport.

Top 3 things to have in your suitcase in 2014

1. A book.

2. A patator. (Essentially a potato bazooka - Ed.)

3. Scissors so I can cut my hair whenever I want.

Top 3 apps on your phone in 2014

1. The CFET App.

2. Instagram.

3. My phone is often broken.

Top 3 cities you visited in 2014

1. Edinburgh.

2. Santiago.

3. Vancouver, especially the airport.

Top 3 meals you had in 2014

1. The amazing meat in Chile.

2. Sushi in Whistler.

3. Whatever Ines cooked.

Top 3 things you had to drink in 2014

1. Water with Clif products.

2. Shots on the last night in Finale Ligure.

3. Canada Dry or Red Bull.

Top 3 landscapes during EWS 2014

1. Valloire in France at the top of the stages.

2. The views in Scotland.

3. Whistler "Top of the World".

Top 3 things you definitely want to repeat in 2015

1. Feeling like a family with the team.

2. Keep pushing to be faster.

3. Sharing some good times with all the racers.

Top 3 things you can’t wait to happen in 2015

1. The first race.

2. Sharing more time with my team.

3. To have fun on my bike in new places.

Top 3 places you want to go in 2015

1. New Zealand.

2. Whistler.

3. Verbier, my home!