19/11/2014, CANYON 2014 Podium Moments

CFET WEEK: Ines Thoma

Ines flies the flag as Germany's fastest female rider and has been at the heart of Canyon Factory Enduro Team right from the start. She's also a qualified primary school teacher, so it's good to know that young kids out there will one day learn how to bomb down mountains without brakes. The 25-year old has had a solid season, just dropping shy of the podium in a couple of EWS races. Nevertheless, after finishing in 5th spot in the overall season rankings and riding to the win at Trans-Provence back in September, Ines ended 2014 on a high, which bodes well for when the EWS circus picks up again in 2015.

Below she gives us some insight about what it's like to race around the world.

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Top 3 stops during EWS 2014

1. Chile. It had the best tracks and felt like such an adventure.

2. Scotland because I felt really fast there.

3. Finale Ligure. La Dolce Vita!

Top 3 moments during EWS 2014

1. Clearing the rock slide on “Ride Don’t Slide” in Whistler for the first time ever.

2. Crossing the finish line in La Thuile after a really hard battle just to get there.

3. Jumping in the sea just after the last round of the year in Finale Ligure.

Top 3 scariest moments during EWS 2014

1. We had earthquakes in Chile one night when staying north of Valparaiso.

2. My last big crash in Valloire.

3. Not knowing if the transfer times in Whistler were even possible.

Top 3 things to have in your suitcase in 2014

1. Original Rapunzel porridge.

2. Long compression pants.

3. My lucky pig, “Ham”.

Top 3 apps on your phone in 2014

1. The CFET app, it’s so crazy that we have one!

2. Sygic (to navigate in Chile).

3. Wikiloc (to find trails in Chile).

Top 3 cities you visited in 2014

1. Valparaiso.

2. Vancouver.

3. Venice.

Top 3 meals you had in 2014

1. Avocado Empanadas in Chile.

2. Porridge in our cosy B&B in Scotland.

3. Sushi in Whistler.

 Top 3 things you had to drink in 2014

1. Beers at the Trans Provence finish line.

2. Lots of cappuccinos in Finale Ligure.

3. More cappuccinos in Final Borgo.

 Top 3 landscapes during EWS 2014

1. The top of the final Stage in Chile with all the volcanoes in the background.

2. The beautiful Alps at the start in Valloire.

3. The view of the Mediterranean on the women’s DH track in Finale Ligure.

 Top 3 things you definitely want to repeat in 2015

1. Getting good results.

2. Having fun.

3. Travelling to more wonderful places.

 Top 3 things you can’t wait to happen in 2015

1. Going to New Zealand.

2. Trans Provence in France.

3. The first bike park session after taking some time off this winter.

 Top 3 places you want to go in 2015

1. Queenstown.

2. Ireland.

3. Paris.