20/11/2014, CANYON 2014 Podium Moments

CFET WEEK: Fabien Barel

What can you say about this guy? Giving up is not in his DNA. Coming into the 2014 season Fabien was looking to capitalise on an outstanding 2013 where he won the first ever EWS round in Punta Ala and went on to finish 3rd in the overall series. Everything was set. Winter training had gone well. The new Strive CF that he’d spent so long developing and testing was ready. Fabien was geared up to lead the Canyon Factory Enduro Team through another big year and go for the EWS title.

Then it all went horribly wrong. Fabien crashed heavily on the first stage of the year in Chile and broke his 8th dorsal vertebra. The impact could have ended his career, it probably would have done if it had happened to anyone else. Not Fabien though.

After six months of intensive rehab Fabien was unbelievably back on the bike and lining up at the last EWS round of the year in Finale Ligure. But he wasn’t just there to ride around and make up the numbers. He won the damn thing. This was one of the greatest comebacks mountain biking had ever seen.

Below, the man himself tells us a bit about his short, yet eventful season.

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Top 3 stops during EWS 2014

1. Chile for the amazing and unusual terrain.

2. Finale Ligure for the usual great atmosphere. 

3. That's all I did!

Top 3 moments during EWS 2014

1. My Victory in Finale 

2. The great laugh with my teammate Ludo during the Chile trip. 

3. Spending time with the team

Scariest moment during EWS 2014

Not hard to answer. Lying in the hospital in Chile was a tough moment. We did not know what was going to happen and I had a lot of thoughts going through my head.

Top things to have in your suitcase in 2014

1. My bike. 

2. I had to take a massage table with me to help my back in Finale Ligure.

Top app on your phone in 2014

The CFET app so i could follow my teammates' results while at home recovering. 

Top things you had to drink on your travels in 2014

1. Wine in Chile. 

2. Punch in Corsica.

Top landscapes during EWS 2014

1. The view you get in the middle of stage 4 in Finale Ligure 

2. The view from stage 6 in Chile, but I did not get to race it...

Top 3 things you did when injured and not able to ride

1. Sharing time with family and friends.

2. Experiencing other sports (diving, climbing, stand up paddle board etc.).

3. Working on our up coming URGE helmet.

Top 3 things to think about during your injury break in 2014 

1. Where do I want to go ride ?  

2. What is the next challenge for me?

3. Motorbike races!

Top things you definitely want to repeat in 2015

1. Enjoying my riding.

2. Laughing with my teammates

Top things you can’t wait to happen in 2015

1. Going to New Zealand for the first EWS round will be fun.

2. Racing the Andes Pacifico to give Chile another chance. Maybe!