The bike and its components are covered under a two-year warranty, excluding wearing parts. Wearing parts include bearings, seals, cables, cable housing, all lubricants, oil, grease and brake fluid, chain, sprocket, chainrings, brake pads, tyres, bar grips and bar tape, derailleur hangers, among others. Following our two-year statutory warranty we also provide a voluntary guarantee for an additional four years (resulting in a six-year gurantee in total) on frames and forks on road, triathlon, urban and fitness bikes, and on mountain bike frames (excluding bearings and suspension). Damage to paintwork or anodising are not covered in this time. We reserve the right to repair defective frames and forks or to replace them with a corresponding successor models. Our guarantee starts from the date of purchase and is only valid for the original owner of the bike. The guarantee only covers the above, other costs such as assembly, transport, etc. are not covered. Damage caused by incorrect or unintended use, such as negligence (lack of care and maintenance), crashes, excessive stress and modifications to the frame or fork including the installation of additional components is not covered by the guarantee. The guarantee also does not cover damage from jumps or overuse of other kinds.

CREDIT CARD (Visa, Mastercard): Canyon participates in Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code. These services require a password during the check-out process. If your card qualifies and you haven’t yet registered, simply follow the on-screen instructions. If you would like to learn more about these services or have any difficulty with the process, please contact your card issuer. Your credit card will not be debited until the products ordered have been sent. For further information please see the Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code websites.

PRE-PAYMENT: After you have placed your order a confirmation and a pre-payment invoice will be sent to your e-mail. At the latest, you should pay for your bike two weeks before the expected delivery date. Your bike will not be shipped until it has been paid for. As soon as we have received your payment we will send out your order when ready. This method of payment means you have to pay by International Bank transfer to Canyon Germany. This has to be arranged with your bank directly using our IBAN / BIC.

Please note: International transfer fees may occur from your bank.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Canyon Mountain bikes are designed as race machines with short chain stays and the sporty frame geometry doesn't leave enough space for a child seat. It also is not possible to fit a conventional child seat due to the cable routing of the front derailleur. For these reasons we are unable to approve our bikes for use with a child seat. Saddle bags also can't be fixed to our MTBs due to the rear triangles which are designed to achieve optimum stiffness. Saddle bags which can be fixed to the seat post may be used on our MTBs. However, a maximum weight of 12 kg should not be exceeded. In the case of carbon fibre seat posts saddle bags should not be fitted due to the thin-walled material.

We ship to nearly every country except for the US, Canada and Russia.

Mountainbike: For choosing the size of your mountain bike we need your inseam length, your height and your body weight. Road bike: For choosing the size of your road bike we need your inseam length, torso length, arm length and height.

The dates indicated on our website are non-binding and estimated dates of delivery. We are dependent on prompt delivery from our component suppliers, therefore when a delivery commitment on the part of the supplier is not met we have no alternative but to pass on this delay in delivery to our customers. Before we inform our customers about any delay in delivery we of course endeavour to find an alternative solution whenever possible. However, it is often the case that suppliers are unable to deliver components in sufficient quantities to meet our needs within the required time frames. We of course do our level best to keep delivery delays down to an absolute minimum and anticipate that the situation will continue to improve quickly.

Frames are delivered ready assembled (with the exception of the handlebar and wheels) with all components in the Bikeguard together with a box containing small parts e.g. quick release levers etc. Position the handlebar in the centre of the bar clamp. Then turn the cover bolts of the stem until the handlebar is slightly tight. After fitting the wheels and closing the quick release, the final adjustment of the handlebar position can be made. A handbook is included with the delivery of every bike. On pages 6-8 there is a detailed and illustrated description.

We recommend that you apply the brakes 30 times at a speed of around 30km/h. After that you can apply the brakes once until they become really hot, thus discharging solvents left over from the production process. This is best done on a clearly laid out descent at a reasonably slow speed and by allowing one brake to bind constantly on each descent. We strongly recommend that you bed-in your new brakes on traffic-free roads. The bedding-in of brakes allows the brake disc and pads to adjust to each other, thus achieving a high level of braking efficiency.

After you have placed your order a confirmation and a pre-payment invoice will be sent to your e-mail. At the latest, you should pay for your bike two weeks before the expected delivery date. Your bike will not be shipped until it has been paid for. To receive your bike as quickly as possible be sure to include your order number and customer ID with your bank transfer.

Within the EU delivery typically takes five to seven days, but delivery times are different for each country. Once your order has shipped you will receive an e-mail with a tracking number and be able to monitor its status using UPS or DHL.

Here is what you need to determine your body size: Spirit level, ruler, dowel and a helper. IMPORTANT! Make these measurements without shoes and in bike shorts. If possible, take a helper when making measurements. This makes it easier to obtain exact measurements.

You can order by telephone on +49 (0) 261 40 4000 from Monday to Friday 9 to 7 p.m, or by fax at +49 261 40 40050. On our web site you can put the desired bike or product into the shopping cart and then are directed by the order procedure. Internet orders must be generated by using the shopping cart (not by email), since all necessary data is gathered at that time and the completeness of the order is ensured. An order card is attached in addition to each Canyon catalogue. In order to expedite the fast processing of your order we ask you to always make certain that your info in particular your body measurements are exact and complete.

Adjust the negative spring travel (sag) to your riding style. This means how much the damper compresses (sags) with the weight of a rider on it. In the case of cross country and marathon riders about 10-20%, with Free riders approx. 15-30% and with Downhillers approx. 25-40% of the travel length. Before sitting on the bike slide the rubber O-ring to the top of the shock as this will help you see how much the shock compresses (sags). Turn the Damping Adjust halfway to the closed position.

Our Canyon racing bike frames are verified and approved up to a maximum weight of 120kg. However, this limit can vary depending on the choice of components and their individual weight limits.

A freewheel guarantees on all bikes with a derailleur or internal gear hub that the cranks don't rotate when freewheeling or riding downhill. In addition, the freewheel ensures that the transmission of power is created in the direction of travel. If no pedalling force is applied, then the rear wheel runs free. Two special toothed washers with face gears and a negative angle are responsible for the transmission of power in the freewheels of the 240 and FR hubs. This type of gearing system causes the very loud noises, for which the DT Swiss hubs are renowned in comparison to freewheel bodies with three or four pawls.

The gas spring is covered by a 2 year legal guarantee which covers all repair costs. In addition to this we provide a 1 year warranty thereafter, which covers material costs during a repair. Wearing parts are not covered by the guarantee.

The crash replacement service is restricted to the first owner of the bike and to damage which adversely affects the bike's function. We reserve the right to refuse this service in specific cases if we find that the damage has been caused maliciously or the damage is purely superficial. At this point we would expressly like to state that changing to a different model is not possible and the service can only be used once in a 3-year cycle. More information about crash replacements

Sparkasse Koblenz

Sort Code: 57050120

Account No. 58000720

IBAN: DE 88 57050120 0058000720


Please be sure to include your customer ID and account number with your bank transfer to ensure your bike gets delivered as soon as possible.

All of our shipping is done by DHL or UPS and pricing for all countries can be found here.

Please note: The inseam is not the length of a step but the distance from the ground up into the crotch! How to measure your inseam: Things you need: A spirit level, ruler and a helper You require: A spirit level, tape measure and a helper. Make the measurement without shoes and wearing shorts. 1) Stand up straight against a wall, stretching yours legs as far apart as the breadth of your shoulders. If you have a spirit level, then you don't need a wall. 2) Take a spirit level and wedge it between your legs. 3) Using both hands, pull up the spirit level firmly into your crotch. Try to reproduce the pressure of sitting on a saddle while holding the spirit level horizontally. 4) Measure the distance from the upper edge of the spirit level to the ground. 5) Record this distance. This is your inseam.

All of the bikes we currently have in stock can be found in the Express Bikes section of our website. Express Bikes typically send within two to three working days or 10-14 working days for Australia and New Zealand.

The cost of the first inspection is €69,90 for a racing bike, €79,90 for an MTB hardtail and €89,90 for an MTB fullsuspension bike. Upon shipment of your new bike you’ll receive a coupon for our 50 point inspection for the special price of €49,90. You can redeem this offer within the first 6 months starting from the date of purchase. If you wish to ship your bike back to us, you need to send your bike to Canyon. After inspection, we send your bike back. More information about the shipping costs outside Germany can be found in our Shipping Terms.

We have done this deliberately so that you can clearly see that the new Acros I-Lock headset, which was especially developed for Canyon, no longer requires a conventional A-clamp in the fork steerer. Headset caps are available in our accessories domain.

If you make a claim under the guarantee we will charge you the costs for shipment and modification as well as labour costs in our workshop. The guarantee only covers Canyon frames and Canyon forks on racer and triathlon bikes. We will not pay any other costs if you make a claim under the guarantee.

When your order is placed, the amount due will be booked on your card as a pending transaction. Once your bike is ready for delivery, you will receive an e-mail prompting you to authorise the payment and charge your card. As soon as the payment is authorised, your order can be shipped.

Once your order has shipped you will receive an e-mail with either a DHL or UPS tracking number.

What you need to measure your torso length: You need: A spirit level, ruler and a helper 1) Wedge the spirit level between your legs as you did when you measured your inseam, keeping your torso straight. 2) Then measure the distance from the upper edge of the spirit level to the base of the neck (at the breastbone) ensuring that the spirit level is kept in a horizontal position during the whole measurement. 3) Record this distance. This is your torso length.

Once you have selected a specific model on our website you can check the availability of each size and color by selecting the calendar icon titled AVAILABILITY underneath the picture of your selected bike. This will redirect you to a page where estimated shipping dates are displayed.

Products available “FROM STOCK” will be shipped within 10 working days or 10-14 working days for Australia and New Zealand. If the bike you were looking for is “SOLD OUT” then get in touch with us using our Chat tool and one of our advisors will be happy to help you find the right alternative. These shipping dates apply only to forthcoming orders. Orders that are already being processed are not affected by changes to these dates.

Please note that all shipping dates are estimates and while typically reliable, are subject to change. Please contact our Service Centre if you have any further questions.

If you wish to hand in your bike personally for an inspection, then please make an appointment with us in advance before you do so. As a general rule, it is possible to collect a bike on the same day as the service if an appointment was made in advance. However, please note that this is only possible if there are no defective parts which must be returned to the manufacturer. Otherwise you can send your bike directly to us without making an appointment. You can find out how long the handling time will be from our service staff at our Service Hotline or on site here at Canyon. Please note that longer handling times can result when goods are returned to the manufacturer.

If you make a claim under the warranty you will not incur any costs, including no costs for shipment, labour or material.

We accept MasterCard and Visa.

If you are not at home when your order is delivered your neighbour or an authorized person can accept the package in your place.

What do I need to measure my shoulder width: You need: A Ruler and a helper 1) Locate the bump on top of the shoulder (noticeable during arm movement). 2) With arms outstretched horizontally, measure the outermost shoulder bone on the left to the outermost shoulder bone on the right. 3) Measure this distance.

All Canyon bikes are shipped as illustrated and described. Selecting alternative component configurations (including alternative stem lengths, seatposts, handlebar widths, gear ratios) is not possible when placing an order at the moment due to current limitations in our system. However, we can tell you from experience that over 90% of our customers are satisfied with the component specification that we select for each model and size. This information is easy to find in the geometry and spec tables displayed under every model. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

You request a return note by phone or by e-mail. With this return note you then send your bike in to us. The bike should be packed as carefully as possible so that no damage occurs during transport. We recommend using the Bikeguard again for this purpose. The package must then be brought to the local post office. Upon receipt of your bike you will receive a confirmation of receipt from us. As soon as the inspection has been completed, you will immediately receive your bike cash on delivery. When paying by advance invoice, we send your bike immediately on receipt of payment. In the event that defects or damages requiring repair are discovered during an inspection, and these repairs would incur charges, our service staff will get in touch with you.

Our service staff will be pleased to help you. Please fill out the service enquiry forms for the service requested under Service Enquiries.Our service hotline staff will then contact you to discuss all procedures, complaints or repair concerns. Otherwise please call directly our hotline from Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 6p.m. on +49 (0) 261 404000 or by fax at +49 (0) 261 40400 50. The workshop service point is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can also send our workshop staff an e-mail at Please note that we can only reimburse invoices from other workshops after prior consultation with us.

You can change your payment method at any point until payment is complete. Please contact your local Service Centre in the UK, Australia, New Zealand or Internationally to do so.

If no one is at your address when your order is delivered the delivery service will leave a notice in your mailbox. Your order must then be retrieved from the indicated shipping center within seven days. Please be sure to bring a photo ID when retrieving your order. After seven days if your bike has not been picked up it will be returned to Canyon. If this happens please contact our Customer Service Centre or use the Live Chat found in the top bar of our website.

How to measure your arm length: Things you need: Tape measure, a dowel and a helper Let your right arm hang down loosely and reach over with your left hand to grasp your shoulder blade over the shoulder bone (same point you used for the shoulder width). 1) Find this point with the left hand. 2) Make a fist and grab the dowel with your right hand thereby simulating the grip on the handlebar. 3) Hold your right arm out laterally. 4) Rotate your fist until the dowel points upwards. 5) Measure from the outermost shoulder bone (marked by your left hand) to the centre of the dowel. 6) Record this distance. This is your arm length.

Since the reasons for noises at the wheel can be misleading, we ask you to send your complete bike to us. Contact our Service Hotline on +49 (0) 261 40 4000 before sending your bike as we might be able to offer some tips over the phone that can help fix the problem.

You may test-ride our display models in Koblenz. Please note that we do not assemble every individual model in all available frame sizes. For example, our XC frame lines are genrally available in all sizes in our shop. To ensure the model you desire is available for a test-ride please contact our service hotline (+49 (0) 261 40 4000) or send us an e-mail. Please note that it is only possible to do test-rides here on our factory complex. Bike tours are not possible.

Usually complaints and repairs are in-house for 7-9 working-days. During the riding season or if a defective part must be returned to the manufacturer it can take longer.

You can only use PayPal when ordering bikes and accessories online. Once you have selected your bike and accessories and proceeded through the checkout process, you will be automatically redirected to the PayPal website.

Once your order has shipped we will send you an e-mail with your UPS or DHL tracking number. Once the order has been shipped we no longer have control of when it will be delivered. If you require a specific delivery date please contact DHL or UPS.

What you need: spirit level, ruler and a helper. IMPORTANT! Make these measurements without shoes. 1) Stand up straight against a wall. 2) Place the spirit level on your head ensuring that you keep it horizontal. 3) Measure the distance from the lower edge of the spirit level to the floor. 4) Record this distance. This is your height.

If you place and order by internet, you will receive an order confirmation via e-mail. A few days later you will then receive a further e-mail with an assembly and dispatch date. For an order sent ”payment on delivery”: After it has been made available for dispatch the bike will be sent via the German Post AG. The delivery period is 2-5 days. (Only available for shipping addresses in Germany) Advance payment: If your bike is available within the next three weeks, shortly after being sent an automatic order confirmation you will receive a pre-payment invoice. In order to expedite a smooth processing of your order, please remit payment stating your customer and order number at least seven working days prior to the advised delivery date of your bike. As soon as the payment has been received, your bike will be immediately sent to you. If you have chosen a bike with a delivery date which exceeds three weeks, you will receive an order confirmation immediately upon receipt of your order, and around three weeks before the scheduled delivery date a separate pre-payment invoice. After you have received your invoice then please proceed as described above.

We’ll be more than happy to perform our 50 point inspection on your bike. We can give you more information by telephone or Mail. In principle, maintenance work can be undertaken by any bike shop. Maintenance of the fork and rear shock elements should be left to the respective manufacturer. Please pay attention to the instructions of the manufacturer, as the warranty can only be maintained if the required maintenance intervals are observed!

The warranty is invalidated by resprays, as we are unable to influence the type of respray and preliminary work.

Payment can be made to Canyon using PayPal in Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

Canyon bikes are finely adjusted and packed by qualified technicians before being shipped out. For the most protection, certain parts of the bike like the wheels, saddle, pedals and handlebars are removed and carefully arranged. Upon delivery you will need to reassemble the bike by following the specific instructions laid out in the manual. A hardcopy of the manual will be included in your delivery, but there are also digital manuals as well as instructional videos. You will also be supplied with the tools required to put your bike together. If you continue to have difficulty please don’t hesitate to contact your local Canyon Service Centre or use the Live Chat located in the top bar of our website.

All necessary body data and the correct measuring procedure are requested by our PPS system. Since we sell our bikes directly to you, the Canyon call centre is the most important interface between you and us: Competent, passionate riders advise you with bike fit regarding your targeted application, your body size as well as your personal ergonomic needs. With the Canyon Perfect Positioning system we can determine from your body measurements, which frame size you need. With the Canyon Perfect Positioning system we can determine from your body measurements, which frame size you need. Since we sell our bikes directly to you, the Canyon call centre is the most important interface between you and us: Competent, passionate riders advise on you what bike is best suited to your targeted application, your body size and personal ergonomic needs.

Canyon sells its bikes directly and exclusively over the Canyon web site, Canyon catalogs and the shop in Koblenz. By direct sale we can offer our bikes with a substantial price advantage and without compromises in quality or service. Our trained staff and the PPS system provide for an optimal consultation and size selection.

In case of a defect in a component like this, we only need the component sent to us. If you can disassemble and reassemble the bike yourself, you only need to send us the defective part.

You can pay for all bike and accessories on our website with PayPal.

This is possible as long as your local dealer offers this service. If you wish to register a complaint about accessories such as from Magura or Manitou you can do so by taking your original Canyon invoice to your local dealer. Alternatively you can also send the components straight to the relevant service centre: Rock Shox, Sram, Avid = Sport Import, Industriestrasse 39, 26188 Edewecht, phone: 04405/92800, FOX= Toxoholics, Hauptstrasse 200, 66976 Rodalben, phone: 06331/258160

Every bike comes with a 30 day right of return. This means if your bike doesn’t fit, or wasn’t quite what you expected you will be able to return it free of charge within 30 days of its delivery. All returns should be accompanied with original packaging, paperwork, receipt and Certificate of Origin. For further instruction on how to return your bike please contact your local Service Centre or use the Live Chat in the top bar of our website.

The specifications of our bikes are based on our PPS system and our many years of experience. Therefore, we can confidently say that our bikes are configured correctly for the majority of our customers. After receipt of your body data we double-check the dimensions, resulting in the appropriate bike for you. If the correct position cannot be attained with the body measurements and bike specification you have entered into the system, we recommend that you select a stem appropriate to your body size. An exchange of the stem is only possible with products from the same manufacturer. The cost of an exchange, depending upon product, is between 15 and 20€. Our staff in the call centre will be pleased to help you should you require any further information.

All Canyon bikes are assembled, adjusted and test ridden to order. You’ll receive written confirmation after we have received your order and we will inform you immediately as soon as your assembled bike is available for collection.

There is no payment limit when purchasing from Canyon.

The manufacturers expressly answer this question with no. Out of service periods do not have any influence on an extension of the warranty period. The warranty period starts from the date on which you receive the bike. The Canyon warranty service computation is included for repair. These service intervals are computed in the guarantee period. Out of service periods due to warranty work or servicing conducted in our workshop are added to the length of the warranty period. This is the only case which results in a prolongation of the warranty period.

As a company we have no influence over any duties or associated costs imposed by customs and cannot say how high they will be on a specific order. The customs regulations vary from country to country and can only be paid by the customer. If you would like more information, we recommend getting in touch with your country’s customs office.

After receipt of your body data we examine the dimensions and this results in an appropriate size bike for you. If your data is outside our parameters, we recommend that you change to another handlebar width that fits your riding style. The costs of a handlebar exchange amounts to 20€. This option is only available for roadbikes. The most relevant body measurement for a suitable handlebar width is your shoulder width. After your PPS data has been received, it is checked and compared with standard Canyon specifications. If your data deviates from our normal parameters, we recommend that you change to another handlebar width in order to achieve your ideal position on the bike. A handlebar exchange currently costs 20€. Our staff in the call centre will be pleased to help you should you require any further information.

Canyon bikes are only available as shown on the web or in the Canyon catalogs. Therefore, no changes are possible. We decide every autumn which models and equipment combinations we will be offering the following year. We determine the number of units to be produced of any particular model and order components from the relevant manufacturers accordingly. The price advantages are then passed on to our customers. Therefore, no changes are possible. The exception is, of course, changes which are made to the gear ratios on the cassette, handlebar width and stem length. We undertake these changes for a small charge.

Your PayPal account will be charged once your order has shipped.

Shipments outside of the EU are sent with UPS or DHL.

Your email address allows us to report information about your order. We inform you by email about the status of your order. Your data is not passed on to third parties or used for advertising purposes. This is the reason we ask you to indicate your current contact details so that we can inform you in the fastest possible way.

All suspension struts are covered by a two-year manufacturer's warranty. This does not cover wearing parts such as lubricants, bushes and seals.

If you plan to have your order delivered to an EU address and then ship it outside of the EU yourself, you can receive a refund of the VAT. All orders with shipping addresses within the EU have the county’s VAT included in the order price. If you intend to send your order out of the EU be sure to notify us when your order is placed and we will attach an exportation certificate. The Import/Export Customs Service in the EU country of exit must stamp this certificate. After it has been stamped you need to send us the ORIGINAL VAT claim (not a copy). As soon as we receive the original form, we will be able to refund the VAT. The process should be completed within 30 days of your orders delivery.

Customs and import duties may also be payable on deliveries abroad. These charges are to be carried out by the recipient of the goods. Canyon Bicycles has no influence on these charges.

Please send the original documents here:

Canyon Bicycles GMBH

Att. Auftragsbearbeitung (Order Processing)

Karl-Tesche-Straße 12

56073 Koblenz, Germany

We give a statutory 2 year warranty on frame paintwork excluding damage caused by external forces or chemical-based detergents.

For EU customers all prices on our website include VAT. If your order is being shipped outside of the EU, the VAT is removed. VAT is determined by the equation Price/1.19 so a bike that is priced at €1,499 in the EU will cost €1,259.66 in other countries. However, bikes sent outside of the EU are subject to customs duties.