Attaching of shifting cables to Aeroad CF frame

The bowden cables of the Aeroad CF are routed inside the frame. This reduces the air drag and the cables are covered from water and dirt. This is how you route the cables inside the frame:

1. The Aeroad CF has built in Liner (long thin plastic tubes). These liners facilitate the routing of the cables inside the frame. They are only to be used to route cables, they do not replace GoreTex cable housings. One bowden cable runs from the left shift lever to the right side of the down tube and the cable of the right shift lever runs to the left side of the down tube.

2. Push the bowden cables through the appropriate liner. Both cables cross inside the down tube. The cable exits the bottom bracket on the side of chainwheel. The cable for the front derailleur exits on the other side of the bottom bracket.

3. Pull both liners out of the down tube. You should keep the liner.

4. Thread the cable through the cable guide fixed underneath the bottom bracket.

5. Now you push the bowden cable for the rear derailleur through the liner inside the chainstay.

6. Pull the liner out of the chainstay. Attach the cable to the rear derailleur.