Nerve XC 9.0 SL

Mountainbike 03/10

The lightest bike and a well-thought out concept. That's how the Nerve XC 9.0 SL scooped the best buy tip.

120-millimetre category: All-round-full suspension bikes for every situation

The word has been out for some time that 120-millimetre bikes are excellent for tour riding, however it was hitherto not common knowledge among many bikers that these bikes also offer enough comfort for alpine crossings and are hot-blooded enough for marathons and 24-hour events. That's why Mountainbike magazine invited 16 all-rounders suited to long-distance which fulfil exactly these demands. Among them was the Canyon Nerve XC 9.0 SL - which returned from the test track with a best buy recommendation.

Perfect equipment and balanced race geometry

Concentrating on the bare essentials: Flying up and down the hills without travel adjustment, and with the right parts it's twice as much fun: "XTR premium drive, Formula light R1 anchors, race proven DT-Swiss wheels - of course, Canyon makes full use of the advantages of direct distribution. What's even better is that none of the premium parts comes across as out of place and everything is well conceived as is the perfect Syntace/Easton-Cockpit". This was the enthusiastic verdict of the test riders. The well-balanced and specially coordinated geometry is great for all-round use. The long top tube and short stem together with wide handlebar make the Nerve XC 9.0 particularly appealing.

Outstanding ride characteristics

"The meticulous, light and stiff chassis pleased the MB scales weighing in at just 10,9 kg (top mark) and the test crew with its competitive and neutral seat position on the bike." It's of course important that such a light bike also offers superb acceleration, and this as well as other ride characteristics have been confirmed by Mountainbike magazine with the award of top marks: "The XC accelerates like a rocket and the razor-sharp handling keeps both rider and machine right on track. Little tricks come off with the same ease as long wheelie turns, and the harmonious chassis guarantees the rider a great deal of safety downhill.

Conclusion: Top-parts and fool-proof handling. The Nerve leaves no wish unfulfilled and is a sports machine which is superbly suited to a wide range of applications.

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