Roadlite 6.0

Tour, 04/11

Who can dominate the 1000 Euro category? TOUR magazine set out to find out and came to a very clear conclusion. The Canyon Roadlite 6.0.

Canyon scooped the test victory in the highly competitive 1000 Euro category with the lightest frame and an excellent range of equipment, and demonstrated that the Roadlite 6.0 could even compete in a test field of 2500 Euro bikes if one considers the marks it received. 2.5 for the frame and 2.1 for the equipment gave the bike an overall mark of 2.2 for the entire ensemble.

Whilst other bikes with "simple aluminium frames are equipped with heavy aluminium forks", the Canyon Roadlite shines with a weight of just 1493g as well as with the One One Eight CF carbon fork, which weighs in at a mere 557g. This in total meant that the Roadlite was the lightest of all framesets in the test. Such a well-engineered bike scores high in the road tests. The editors of TOUR magazine wrote, "In the areas of ride stability, power transmission, comfort or finish, however, the differences to more expensive bikes are not as obvious as an initial glance at the price difference between the bikes might suggest".

The rest of the bike's equipment is what makes a more tangible contribution to riding fun and ease of use, and it is above all the transmission components including the derailleur and the brakes. Here the Roadlite has put its money on the durable 105 group set, which has been upgraded on the rear and front derailleurs still further with some parts from the Ultegra group set. However the testers also noted that Canyon had attached great importance to other components on the bike, too. They commented, "Take for example the saddle. Only Canyon and Poison fit premium brand components, whilst the competition uses mass produced componentry carrying its own brand name".

As the best bike in this category the Roadlite 6.0 "is able, apart from in the weight stakes, for all intents and purposes to compete with even more expensive rivals."

Top frame set, premium components, many frame sizes available for large and small riders.