Ultimate CF 9.0

Tour, 04/11

The choice of bikes in the 2500 Euro price range is large and yet the choice of frame is an easy one. It simply has to be the frame of the Canyon Ultimate CF 9.0.

The bikes in the 2500 Euro price category belong to the most popular road bikes. They offer great value for money and are suitable for both racing and training. For both disciplines it's important to strike a balance between good power transmission and comfort. The Canyon was able to underscore its strengths in both areas with outstanding marks. The One One four SLX fork is one of the few models which offers both high levels of comfort and, at the same time, lateral stiffness. The marks 1.3 for stiffness and 2.3 for comfort represent a benchmark in the balance between stiffness and comfort. If one considers that 15 of the 20 test candidates in one of the two categories for the fork had worse than a mark 4.0, then the marks the Canyon received become even more impressive.

The TOUR editors noted that the range of equipment on the bikes in the test field was good throughout and the testers were full of praise commenting, "Canyon even splashed out on a Chorus group set." The Canyon VCLS-Post and parts from the Ritchey WCS series make "this bike a real bargain".

In a class of its own. The Canyon frameset got the best mark of 1.7. The testers noted, "The intelligent design impresses. Particularly in the area of saddle comfort the special seat post visibly and tangibly takes the venom out of shocks from the road". Power transmission 1.3. Ride stability 1.7. Weight 2.0. Lateral stiffness of fork 1.3. Fork comfort 2.3. Frame comfort 1.0.

Top racing bike with a real brand name look and the best frameset in the test […]